Are Genesen Acutouch pens useful in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease?

Are these pens useful in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease?   Do you have a ‘complete’ list of all disorders these pens will cure?


Yes, for many years we have offered the Genesen Acutouch pens for people not only with Dupuytren contracture, but also Peyronie’s disease.  For more information about using the Genesen pens please see  Dupuytren contracture and Genesen Acutouch pens.

The Genesen pens are not a cure for any disease.   They are used to assist the body to increase its own ability to heal and repair.  When this professional grade instrument is ordered for use against Dupuytren contracture, or Peyronie’s disease, full instructions are included specifically for use against this disease.   This does not mean it is a cure, but a tool that supports and enhances the natural ability of the body to heal itself.   In addition to the specific instructions for treatment of Dupuytren contracture, a 160 page book is also included that goes on to discuss specific acupuncture points that can be used to treat 100 different common health problems.   TRH

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