Is there an explanation how to use homeopathy and acupuncture in a Dupuytren treatment plan?

I am interested in starting a plan. I have fibers and lumps in my palms for about 3 years but now it is getting more aggressive. I also have lumps on my left and right feet.

Is there more explanation on how to use the plan beside a list of supplements?  What are the homeopathy and acupuncture parts?


Darrell Callander


Greetings Darrell,

You have to understand that the DCI website is rather huge, and you cannot look at just one part of it and expect to see everything.  It is necessary to look around and explore a few of the many links that are available for your benefit.  

 To understand and learn how you can use homeopathy and acupuncture as parts of an overall Dupuytren treatment plan you simply can go to the tabs or links on the right margin of the homepage to click on Dupuytren Contracture and Homeopathy and Dupuytren Contracture and Genesen Acutouch Pens : Acupuncture

Yes, there are full instructions for every item we sell.  Instructions for the use of any therapy product that you purchase from DCI and Online Natural Healthcare LLC are included in order that is shipped to you.    TRH

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