Dupuytrens treatment: Which supplements should I start with to increase dosage?

Hi Dr. Herazy, I am taking the supplements recommended on the large plan for Dupuytrens treatment and am doing fine with the program. I would like to ramp up the dosages that I am taking. Can you please give me a recommendation as to which supplement or supplements I should start with to increase the dosages?  I am really eager to get rid of this Dupuytren’s contracture and I want to do it the right way.


Rod Wade


Greetings Rod,

Before replying, I will assume that you have carefully measured your hand nodules and cords as well as your limitations of hand movement before starting your Dupuytren treatment.  Otherwise, you will not know for sure when those early improvements in your hand and Dupuytren’s contracture will occur.

You must have a clear, detailed and accurate assessment of the size, shape, density, surface features of the palm nodules and cords.  Also, you need to measure the the distance of the involved finger tips to the wrist.  Lastly, you should also know the exact distance of your palm to the top of a table when you try to flatten your hand on it.  If you do not have these last measurements you can learn about this process at  Hand contracture measurement for Dupuytren treatment It is critical that you know have this information to guide you to your correct Dupuytrens treatment dosage.

OK, I have to mention this particular information to everyone because this is such an important part of the process of directing your treatment of Dupuytrens.  Even so, many people think they can skip it.  Wrong!  Skipping this step is a sure way to get confused and lost on your way to eliminating your hand contracture problem.  Decide to not only do it, but do it as carefully and exactly as you can.

Now to answer your question about changing dosage as your large Dupuytrens treatment plan progresses.

For most people, especially when they are in the early phases of Dupuytrens treatment, it works best to increase your dosage of one enzyme product (Neprinol, Nattokinase 1500, Fibrozym or  Bromelain 5000 and Neprinol).  Also, a tthis same time, increase one of the support products (acetyl-L-carnitine, Bromelain 500,Fundamental Sulfur or MSM, PABA, Quercetin-Bromelain, Scar-X homeopathic remedy, Omega T, etc.).  Check for improvement in the condition of the hand every 7-10 days, using all of the methods and areas mentioned in my second paragraph.  In this way every 7-10 days two therapies are increased, with increase of the enzymes than support therapies.  With this double increase in your large Dupuytrens treatment the changes are gradual but consistent.

Make no increase or change in your therapy dosage as soon as you notice the first small improvement in the hand nodules, cords or reduction of finger contracture.  Simply continue doing what you were doing to get to that point when the good progress started; maintain that same dosage and therapy activity until either your Dupuytrens goes away or your progresses stalls.  If it stalls or stops progressing then you once again increase your plan until the favorable changes start up again.

Do not be too eager to add to your therapy plans. Do not increase the number of therapies until you  have thoroughly explored all the possible dosage levels, and combinations of dosage levels that you can try during each 7-10 day cycle.  Do not make your plan too complicated too early by adding more therapies than the original 11 parts of the large plan. Work deeply into the various dosages and combinations of what you already have in front of you, than add in new therapies.   

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If you have a specific question about this subject of dosage in your Dupuytrens treatment plan I would be most happy to hear it and answer as best I can.  These particular questions about higher dosage are so unique to the individual.  Fore this reason it is often necessary to set up a telephone discussion so we can talk about your particular situation and get the best answer fore you.  Written generalities are often not as good as a one-on-one discussion about what is going on in your specific experience.   Please contact me about any other questions concerning Dupuytrens treatment you might have.  TRH

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