What is the cost for Dupuytren’s contracture treatment per month with the medium plan?

I am a pianist who discovered a lump on my palm about 3 months ago…3 years after discovering a lump on my foot that a foot specialist called a planter’s cyst in the corresponding place…both right side of the body. I have no gallbladder (in Chinese med that might be related to this.) My M.D. seemed mystified and told me he would send me to his colleague for surgery! NOT my kind of approach.

Problem: the lump has ‘sprouted’ new lumps ~ I feel FOUR now!

Thoughts? I can afford your 2nd treatment of the 3 ~ but is this per MONTH?



Greetings Mimi,

For several years I practiced in the city of Champaign-Urbana IL where the University of Illinois is located.  Within a short time of opening practice there I had a large following of professors and students from the Department of Music.  I soon discovered that these musicians were really athletes-of-a-different-sort who were abusing their bodies mightily with their musical instruments.  Long hours of practice each day, seven days a week, done since early childhood, to say nothing of additional playing before a performance, wore down and stressed their bodies so that by the time they were in college they had significant musculoskeltal problems.  Football players do not work as hard or as abusively to their bodies’ as some musicians.  It was great being able to help these delightful people who were so tough on themselves so they could play beautiful music.  Sound like anyone you know?

I am continually amazed at the number of people who are guitarists and pianists who have Dupuytren’s contracture.  The textbooks talk of bricklayers, truck drivers, steel workers, butchers and others who abuse their hands with rough  work and repeated injury, but I am convinced that the static stress and endless hours of constant playing all of the stringed instruments is so stressful to the hands that it frequently leads to the development of Dupuytrens in those how are already genetically predisposed (ancestors coming from norther Europe, the UK and Scandinavian countries).

What you describe on the sole of your foot is most likely Ledderhose disease, which is essentially the same problem as Dupuytren’s contracture when it occurs in the palm of the hand.   About 10-20% of people who develop Dupuytren’s in the hand will develop the same kind of tissue problem in the foot (where it is known as Ledderhose disease).

Your problem is probably advancing more rapidly than most. However, some cases of DC slow down after a rapid start so it is difficult to say from a distance how yours will progress. This rapid pace might be related to the fact that you still practice and play daily so that your hand stress continues in spite of your problem.  If you wish, please arrange for a telephone discussion during which I can advise you about your playing style and how it might be modified to reduce the stress on your hands; this would be essential for your eventual recovery.

The important thing is that you do all that you can to assist your own recovery.  I work with people who report frequent progress and elimination of these Dupuytren hand nodules.  Get busy.

Your question about monthly cost has already been answered on the DCI site.   Taking a quote from the information supplied about the DCI medium plan:   “The monthly cost for resupplying the Dupuytren Medium Plan is about $90-$110 per month.  Keep in mind that the Dusa-Sal DMSO and Unique-E topical oil are used very sparingly so that they are replaced about every 2-3 months under average use.  Your cost per month to continue using your medium plan will depend on how aggressively and faithfully you treat yourself for Dupuytren.” 

Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with as you work toward your recovery.   TRH 

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