What Dupuytren treatment do I recommend?

i have had dupuytrens and peyronies for over ten years. tried neprinol for several months and just about everything else too, castor oil, heat lamp, dmso. i even tried experimental homeopathic injection but nothing worked and i finally gave up. but i would like to try again with a medium plan. but i have lots of dmso and have already taken neprinol so would like to start with it. what do you recommend and how much will it cost? also, i really appreciate your peryronies site and the work you do.  thanks. i hope to hear from soon as i am ready to order.


Your email is very much like four or five I have received each week for many years.  Almost every day someone will write an email reciting a list of things he tried for a while that did not work for either his Peyronie’s disease or Dupuytren contracture, or both.   Any time you use these products as a solo therapy, and yo do not use them in the correct way, you cannot be surprised to get no results.    There is not a thing in world wrong with Neprinol, or heat, or DMSO – they are all good therapies.  However, each must individually be used correctly, and they work best when used in combination with other therapies to create a synergistic effect that supports and enhances your natural healing ability.  Used separately, and used in an inefficient manner, you will not see much happen.  When you follow the DCI concepts and learn how to approach your problem in this unique way you are much more likely to see good things happen with your Dupuytren nodules and Peyronie’s plaque.

Your injections could have injured your shaft by traumatizing the tunica albuginea.   It does not really matter what you inject into the penis, you cannot treat your tunica albuginea like a pin cushion and not expect things to happen in a penis that already has shown a tendency to over-produce scar material in response to injury.  I see this all the time when men inject erection producing medication, or cortisone, or anything else into the shaft.  Please do not do this any more.

You ask what I recommend.  I recommend that before you begin any kind of treatment that you first get “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” from the PDI store.    Read it so you know more about treating your PD in the right way.  I cannot recommend anyone particular way that you should go about treating yourself.  That is a decision you have to make; you will be able to do that after you read this book.

The medium size plan is the most popular entry for both Peyronie and Dupuytren treatment.  If you decide to start with it you will have a lot of good therapy to work with.  Please pay attention to the many instructions that come with it so you know how to correctly use each one.

Please contact me if you have any specific questions about treating your problem.   TRH

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