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DCI’s stance about Dupuytren surgery is based on two different things we know about possible treatment for the lump on the palm of your hand and how it results in contractures of fingers over time.

First, we have seen how our theories for the use of Alternative Medicine For Dupuytren contracture treatment can be very effective when done correctly.  Because they can make huge changes in the contracted lumps on the palm of your hand, many website visitors know it is logical to first attempt our conservative measures before going on to more radical and aggressive surgery. While Dupuytren contracture treatment with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other natural methods is not yet the standard or accepted medical practice, this type of care is extremely safe and cannot make your problem worse – unlike Dupuytren surgery.   We feel the ideas we submit here for your consideration represent an early awareness and improvement on current medical treatment of this common hand problem, that traditional medicine has not caught up to us yet.

How do I treat my Dupuytren’s disease?
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DCI suggests waiting a while before have Dupuytren’s surgery

Second, traditional medicine, with no drug treatment for the bump on the palm of your hand offers Dupuytren surgery as their only cure.

DCI is not against Dupuytren surgery in cases that are non-responsive to prolonged aggressive use of our multiple conservative treatment ideas. However, too many people rush into surgery believing that is an easy and sure solution to a big problem. Each surgical candidate should remember:

1. Surgery will not restore the hand to its original condition. Surgery cannot make your hand as good as it was before it was cut on.  Sure, surgery can remove the Dupuytren contracture but it can and will come back over time. Every Dupuytren patient has in the back of her mind, “I will get this surgery for my Dupuytren problem and then I will be OK.  I will be normal again.”  That is only partially true.

2. After surgery hardened scar tissue reduces hand use.  Sometimes, several months or a few years after surgery, additional scar and contractures can develop that are larger and more extensive than the original problem.

3. After surgery complications (greater pain than before surgery, greater loss of hand/finger mobility and dexterity, hand coldness) occurs in 20% of cases.

4. After surgery there is less normal tissue in the hand; good, unaffected, non-puckered skin is used to close wounds and reconnect areas results in less of everything – less normal hand movement, less normal hand strength and less normal hand flexibility.  This is something that few surgeons mention before surgery, and ALL patients are surprised to discover when it is too late.

5. It is a fact of life that Dupuytren contracture will likely recur again at the same site as a prior surgery, or in tissue adjacent to prior surgery. This fact leaves many to wonder why bother having the surgery if the problem will recur and additional surgery will be needed.  Our thinking is that it is better to have just a bad case of Dupuytren contracture, than a bad case of Dupuytren contracture plus old surgical scar and lost normal soft tissue.  it is also our thinking that it is easier to treat a simple case of Dupuytren contracture than it is to treat the complications of additional scar formation after surgery for Dupuytren contracture plus more Dupuytren’s contracture that is returning after the surgery.

Yet, there are many non-drug options from a large body of medical research that documents positive, but inconclusive and sometimes variable, reports of success. Changes made in the body by alternative and complimentary therapies tend to be subtle and slow, since their purpose is only to support or encourage a normal process of nature that is reduced or absent. Changes made in the body by drugs or surgery are aggressive, since their purpose is to force or create a change based on the intent of the physician. Our treatment theory is that the potential benefits of these subtle natural therapies are enhanced and multiplied by simply using several alternative therapies at the same time – known to science as synergy. It is easy to understand – at least for most laypeople – that a single natural therapy will not work as well as aggressive multiple therapies; like “ganging up” on the problem. One child cannot lift a grown man; five or six children can do it with ease – that is synergy.

It is DCI‘s opinion that it is safe and reasonable to attempt to improve the eventual outcome of Dupuytrens contracture by faithfully and aggressively using several conservative treatments that are based on sound science and common sense. We strongly suggest that the person with Dupuytren contracture works with what is known and what is available – even if it is not perfect – rather than passively behaving like a victim.  If this idea does not work to help your hand lump, you can always have Dupuytren surgery later.

How do I treat my Dupuytren’s disease?
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4 thoughts on “Dupuytren Surgery

  1. Brenda says:

    What non surgical treatments can I do to delay progression of the Dupuytren’s contracture on both of my palms?

  2. Dr. Herazy says:

    Greetings Brenda,

    This website is all about the non-surgical treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture. You will find most links are dedicated to this subject in one way or the other.

    You can start looking on this page Dupuytren’s contracture treatment. and then to other pages from this one.

  3. Lann says:

    As I can see everyone seeking a medical surgery or so for Dupuytren’s contracture. I removed all of my problem, just do intensive exercises. Dupuytren’s contracture needs no medical procedure, intensive exercise will illuminate this disability.

  4. Dr. Herazy says:

    Greetings Lann,

    Your post about only using “intensive exercises” to correct your Dupuytren’s contracture is very interesting. Perhaps you could favor us with more information and details explaining how you did this. Anyone reading your post is interested in learning what and how you helped yourself.

    I caution any visitor to this section who reads this information and decides to use “intensive” or aggressive stretches or exercises hoping to improve or eliminate his or her Dupuytren’s contracture. Overly aggressive use of the hands is a common cause of Dupuytren’s contracture. Do not simply try to duplicate what you imagine Lann might have done as a helpful exercise for DC. Once Lann gives more information we can decide the merit and validity of this idea. TRH

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