How can natural treatment help Dupuytren contracture?

What does taking vitamins, minerals and enzymes have to do with Dupuytren treatment and these lumps on my palm?

The treatment ideas presented by the Dupuytren Contracture Institute have scientific merit, medical endorsement and wide acceptance – but many do not know it because it has never been explained to them.  In this discussion the reader will understand that the Dupuytren therapy ideas found on this website area within the framework of current medical and scientific thinking; more importantly, they make sense.

Dupuytren contracture treatment philosophy in a nutshell

  • The body does miraculous things.  Every second of every day of your life your body performs complex biological feats that science does not understand – and does not even know about!  The ability of the immune system to keep us healthy, or overcome disease when it occurs, is part of the miraculous ability we all possess.
  • Diet and nutrition help the body stay healthy or overcome disease; it is not possible to stay healthy for very long with poor nutrition; it is possible to improve health with good nutrition.  See below.
  • What the body cannot use and what is not supposed to be in the body, the body will try to reduce in size or eliminate.  Common examples:  gallstones and kidney stones are spontaneously pushed out; excess lung and sinus mucus is normally brought out; a limb or organ that does not work will reduce in size (atrophy); hand calluses disappear and muscles reduce in size once heavy work stops, etc.  The collagen nodules and cords of Dupuytren contracture found in the palm of the hand are not supposed to be there and the body should be able to eliminate them.

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  • It is possible to intentionally use a variety of techniques to support the repair function of the body against the Dupuytren collagen formation. By supplying a variety of high level quality nutrients vitamins, minerals, enzymes while doing a variety of stretches, exercises and other therapeutic techniques at the same time, it is often possible to enhance the function of the body to reduce or even eliminate the abnormal Dupuytren tissue in the palm of the hand.  The DCI concept for treating Dupuytren contracture is to provide the best environment for natural healing to take place.  When this is done it can sometimes result in rapid and near miraculous changes.
  • Our vitamin, mineral and enzyme products are just a more convenient way to give your nutrition a needed boost when you must be sure your body has enough raw materials to work with.  DCI has built a treatment protocol around our particular selection of high quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that have proven themselves since 2002.
  • No therapies mentioned on this site are a Dupuytren cure; there is currently no such thing.  Our Dupuytren therapies when taken as a group is intended enhance and support a naturally occurring immune response against a certain type of foreign tissue in a particular part of the body.
  • Sometimes natural therapy helps to increase the ability of the immune system and the person is able to avoid Dupuytren surgery, and sometimes it does not work.  There is no way to know ahead of time if it will be successful for a particular person.

Experts say diet affects healing and immune response 

Do a Google search for “American Cancer Society guidelines on nutrition,” or “diet Mayo Clinic prevent cancer,” or “boost immune system.”  You will find that organized medicine is beginning to admit what common people have known for a long time: Diet is vitally important to promote health and prevent disease. In the last 5-10 years organized medicine has been forced to acknowledge that the food we eat influences the ability of the body to prevent and eliminate many illnesses.   Prior to that time organized medicine laughed at people who said that nutrition could influence disease.

Organized medicine took the position that when a patient was sick, drugs and surgery were the only treatment necessary.  The importance of diet and nutrition is gaining scientific recognition for many serious and complex disease states like Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, AIDS and yes, even cancer.  Now with mounting evidence that they were wrong, the medical position has abruptly changed about diet guidelines for many health problems.

Did I say that diet can cure cancer?  No. All that I have ever said about diet, nutrition and Dupuytren contracture, and all that Mayo Clinic, Harvard School of Medicine, the National Institute of Health and every other medical institution in the world are recently saying, is that diet is important to improve the ability to prevent and even reverse disease – not cure it like a drug, just support or enhance the ability to heal for a better chance of possible reduction or recovery.

This should not really be such a controversial subject.  After all, why do we eat?  We eat not only because food takes good, but because we need the nutrients and fuel that food provides to us.  Food is fuel needed to operate the body.  With bad fuel, the body operates poorly.  With too little fuel, the body operates poorly.  With good fuel, the body operates better.  In an abundance of good fuel, the body has an opportunity to operate to the best of its ability.

Based on the above, the idea of dietary and nutritional treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture should not be too extreme a possibility to consider.

Our Dupuytren treatment philosophy also used in medical practice and agriculture 

Just a few examples:

  1. Medical practice – Holistic medical doctors who follow a more holistic or natural approach to patient care use a nutritional approach to healthcare to a great degree, but even traditional drug-oriented doctors use it also to a lesser degree:
    1. Dietitians work in hospitals because nutrition and diet are especially important to recovery of disease.  That really is the best example to make the case that our treatment concept has scientific merit and medical endorsement.
    2. Cancer – see above.
    3. Infertility (male and female) – every fertility clinic has a standard list of printed instruction of foods to eat and foods to avoid, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements to take to increase fertility.
    4. AIDS – a huge body of information will be found by Goggling “AIDS and nutrition”
    5. Anemia or “tired blood” – eat more iron containing foods like red meat and dark leafy vegetables to increase red blood cell production
    6. Bone fracture – eat more calcium and protein containing foods like dairy products, green vegetables and fish to supply raw materials for bone healing
    7. Animal husbandry and dairy industry – any animal breeder and livestock farmer knows how to treat animal diseases by using vitamins and minerals. They all use vitamins and minerals first to see if they can avoid veterinarian expenses. On their website, the American Zoo Association discusses animal nutrition as a way to now only avoid disease, but to assist the healing ability of all animals they keep
    8. Agriculture – to increase crop yield and prevent plant diseases, farmers add soil nutrients (potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen) at planting time.  Farmers do not waste money.  Any homeowner knows that to have a healthy lawn it must be fertilized often.  All forms of life work better with better nutrition.

Treatment of Dupuytrens disease makes sense

Since 2002 this website has instructed in the use of a combination of common and standard non-drug ((vitamin E, copper, DMSO, enzymes like Neprinol, etc.), and non-surgical (stretching, exercise, massage and non-needle acupuncture) methods to treat Dupuytrens.  This is done to stimulate, support and sustain the natural healing response of the immune system to reduce or eliminate the Dupuytren nodules and cords on the palm.

The Dupuytren Contracture Institute attempts to use all possible methods to increase the body’s ability to heal and repair the nodules and cords on the palm of the hand that are associated with this disease.   If the body does miraculous things every day, why can’t it eliminate the excess collagen that develops in the fascia on the palm of the hand?   From our experience it can, and does in a high percent of cases when the correct techniques are used at the same time to fully support that healing ability of the body.

Only a short therapeutic trial of aggressive natural treatment is needed to learn if your body can reduce or even eliminate the palm lumps of Dupuytren contracture.

4 thoughts on “How can natural treatment help Dupuytren contracture?

  1. Ladyhawk says:

    About three years ago, after being diagnosed with osteopenia, I started taking powdered dietary collagen (types I and III) as a food supplement to help build bone. Indeed the collagen seems to have worked, as my DEXA scores for bone density have been on the rise. Now, however, I have also developed Dupuytren’s contracture. As I recall, my father suffered from Dupuytren’s and had surgery, the results of which didn’t last; so the genetic component is present. I have cut my daily serving size of dietary collagen at this point by half and wonder if I should cut it out entirely. Regarding bone growth, however, it’s a tightrope situation; either I end up with Claw Hand like my dad, or I stand to get Dowager’s Hump, which my mother had. Where people with genetic predispositions to diabetes and hyptertension, to cite another example, are best warned to avoid transverse fats, processed sugar and fatty foods, is it advisable for someone with a predisposition to Dupuytren’s contracture to avoid dietary collagen?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Ladyhawk,

    It is wonderful that you have written this question about Dupuytren’s contracture and taking dietary collagen. Thank you.

    It seems you are assuming that you gave yourself Dupuytren’s contracture because of taking these collagen supplements, right? Well, you are wrong. There is no connection between taking a dietary collagen or a collagen precursor and developing Dupuytren’s contracture, or other fibrosis conditions like Peyronie’s disease or Ledderhose disease. None of these conditions are caused by having an excess of collagen components in the diet. So go back to your collagen diet to work on your osteopenia problem if that is what you want to do, and I suggest you spend some time using Alternative Medicine as described on the DCI website to see if you can eliminate, reduce or at least slow down your Dupuytren’s contracture. TRH

  3. Wenwu says:

    Collagen supplements and plantar fibroma… I see you have stated that there is not connection with collagen supplements and these dupuytren issues, but I think that there may be, however slight. I’ve done a lot of reading and I think that there may be a connection between collagen/calcium issue and this problem. I’m 58, very health conscious, I exercise regularly and am a good weight. The only think I’ve really changed in the last 8 months is that I had been taking a 24 grams of high quality hydrolyzed collagen every morning with my coffee. Recently I’ve discovered a plantar fibroma on my left foot. I have stopped my collagen supplement and am going to only do natural methods of healing. Thank you for your site. I have read about apple cider vinegar applications, and being a big believer in ACV, I will try that first, along with PT exercises I gather from online forums.

  4. Dr. Herazy says:

    Greetings Wenwu,

    Sorry to hear of your recent foot problem.

    There are several things in your comments that are incorrect, that make me believe you might be confused.

    You mention plantar fibroma which is a problem of the foot, and then Dupuytren’s contracture which is a fibromatosis of the hand. First, a fibroma and a fibromatosis are two different things. A fibroma is often isolated, non-aggressive, and usually of mild clinical consequence. A fibromatosis tends to be multiple, aggressive once it begins developing, and of great clinical consequence. Second, by the way you express yourself, it appears that you might believe that plantar fibroma development is Dupuytren’s contracture. A plantar fibroma is not the same as a plantar fibromatosis (Ledderhose disease).

    The literature does not mention or accuse collagen supplementation as being a possible cause of fibroma or fibromatosis. I suspect that it is simply a coincidence that your plantar fibroma started recently after taking collagen supplements. Now that collagen supplementation is suddenly in fashion, and currently one of the most popular categories in supplementation, it will likely be blamed for other health problems as well.

    In both Dupuytren’s contracture and Ledderhose disease the collagen and fibrin is distorted, weak and excessive. It is suspected in both of these fibromatoses conditions that for some reason there occurs abnormal and excessive metabolism and development of collagen and fibrin. Taking collagen supplements does not factor into the causation.

    Fibromas, Dupuytren’s contracture and Ledderhose disease have been known for centuries, long before there were collagen supplements. I doubt any causal relationship. TRH

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