Dupuytren Contracture Treatment Philosophy

Our Dupuytren treatment is different for many reasons

Dupuytren Contracture Institute (DCI) follows a conservative philosophy for Dupuytren contracture treatment and the lumps on palms tDupuytren contracture treatment of contractures of fingers seeks to increase ability of body to healhat it causes.  These conservative Alternative Medicine ideas are not currently followed in standard medical practice. The therapy opinions and philosophy presented in this website are not mainstream medical thinking, at this time, in two fundamental ways.

First, DCI suggests using common and standard substances and products (vitamin E, copper, DMSO, enzymes like Neprinol , etc.), and procedures (exercise, massage and non-needle acupuncture), that have not fulfilled the rigorous testing standards typically reserved only for the drug industry. Second, DCI promotes the theory hat aggressively using multiple therapies, all at the same time, may possibly result in some degree of increased ability to heal and repair due to a scientific phenomenon known as “synergy”. Both of these ideas are not currently accepted by orthodox medicine.

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All products and therapies used in the DCI arsenal are well known, commonly used, and generally accepted as important, and often essential, for health and well being. The therapeutic difference is that they are used in significant number and at the same time, for maximum potential effect and benefit, in a process known as synergy. The DCI therapeutic approach uses synergy, a concept that is very well known in medical practice. Synergy is the tendency for two or more substances working together to produce a total effect that is greater than the individual substances each could produce individually. Because of synergy the results seemed to be multiplied, not simply added.

Our philosophy of care for Dupuytren contracture is based on a few simple observations that have been made through our sister organization, Peyronie’s Disease Institute:

• There is a statistical connection between Dupuytrens contracture and Peyronie’s disease.  In 30% of cases of Peyronie’s disease, Dupuytrens contracture is also found.
• There is a strong similarity of the basic tissue problem in both problems. In Dupuytrens contracture and In Peyronie’s disease the fibroblast cells and collagen are in excess, typically in response to an attempt to repair injury.
• Peyronie’s Disease Institute has discovered that many men who follow an Alternative Medicine plan for their Peyronie’s disease, will often note an improvement in their lump on palm of the hand related to Dupuytrens contracture when it is also present.
• There is frequent association of medical research for these two conditions, from a genetic, therapeutic, and tissue standpoint. ?
• Why do some Dupuytrens contracture problems develop slowly and stop at a stage where they are small, manageable, and do not interfere much with daily activity, while other cases advance rapidly and become severe enough to halt the normal use of the hand?

The DCI philosophy of care suggests you push to increase your healing capacity and get healthier in that yet undetermined way so your body can heal to the best of its ability. The fact that some sufferers of Dupuytrens contracture have a smaller and less severe problem that develops slowly means there is variable − not static − capacity for healing and improvement for this problem. Applying generally available knowledge about health and healing provides the DCI foundation for a treatment plan to improve your chances to survive Dupuytrens contracture as a winner.

The contracted and puckered palmar tissue is seen as an expression or extension of the health of the body in which it occurs. Much like an ulcer, the Dupuytrens contracture thickening is fundamentally seen as the result of abnormal body chemistry and physiology. As such, reasonable treatment for Dupuytrens contracture should attempt to improve the chemistry and physiology of the tissue in which the abnormal tissue is located. Based on this philosophy, all of the products, nutrients, techniques and ideas we suggest for Dupuytrens contracture are directly or indirectly intended to improve the chemistry and physiology of the body in general. The expression of this improvement should be a healthier person with healthier tissue that can heal better. The DCI treatment menu is based on what might possibly correct or normalize the chemistry and physiology of the fascia and related connective tissue of the palm of the hand.

DCI likes to think of our PHILOSOPHY of TREATMENT as “ganging up” on the problem.


We advocate approaching the palmar Dupuytrens problem very aggressively with very conservative measures. To do less is to take a risk that could result in failure that no one should have to endure.


DCI philosophy about treatments comes down to this: It is better to do something, than nothing in the case of an early — or even late — stage Dupuytren contracture. Yes, it is better to do all you can for your hand, as soon as you can, using as many of the safe and scientifically grounded options that are known to have some success in helping the contracted tissue normalize. If after following an aggressive alternative medical program there is less than complete repair and healing, as can happen, then surgery can still be used.

We leave it up to the website visitor to read, investigate, and make an informed decision about how he wants to proceed. DCI strongly suggest you look over all the material and information we have on this website. After learning all that you can, compare these ideas to other reference areas on the Internet. Come to your own conclusions about what, if anything, you would like to do for your Dupuytrens contracture that you are not now doing. When you have an idea of what you would like to do to help yourself further, talk to your own doctor about it and get his/her advice. Listen carefully to what you are told. Then make up your own mind about the care you will undergo.

We are told our philosophy of attempting to promote and enhance better tissue healing makes sense. You will find that it feels good to take charge of a situation where you previously felt a loss of control. Consider applying the power of synergy using safe and economical therapies for your problem. Don’t feel or act defeated by your Dupuytren contracture. You have not tried to everything for your hand if you have not tried an aggressive Alternative Medicine therapy plan.

The normal and full use of your hand or hands can be taken from you through Dupuytrens contracture progression. Do all that you can, as early as you can, to allow your body the best opportunity to reverse this problem.

For ideas and suggestions to organize an effective Alternative Medicine treatment plan, click Dupuytrens Treatment Plan.

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