EZDtox Cream – EDTA

EZDtox Cream

EZDtox Cream is best applied directly around the DC palm lump and finger cord, never on the fibrous tissue.  Always use EZDtox Cream in Dupuytren’s contracture treatment when heavy metal toxicity is suspected, or when treatment results are going too slowly.

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Men and woman report better results (reduced size, shape, density of lumps and cords, and more finger extension movement) after adding EDTA to their DCI treatment plans. Heavy metal toxins are all around us; they are unavoidable in modern society.  Please consider using EDTA to help you if your environmental toxin exposure is greater than average, or you show signs of tissue toxicity.  Just use daily for a few months to see how much it boosts your treatment results.

For even more information about EZDOX Cream and EDTA, listen to Dr. Michael Roth explain:

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EDTA used as a topical cream – safe and effective

EDTA is a man-made amino acid.  It has a chemical structure similar to household vinegar. In the body, it chemically bonds to heavy metals and other dangerous toxins. After combining with toxins, it passes out in the urine. EDTA has been used in IVs (chelation therapy) for over 50 years in medical clinics, because it works. However, topical EDTA is a safer option than intravenous chelation therapy. Safety is so much greater because EZDtox Cream is a lower dose EDTA topical product.  The cream for is an effective way to use EDTA, but it is safer because it does not overload or stress the kidneys. Overall, EZDtox Cream is a better and less expensive way to get EDTA chelation benefits you control at home.

Full instructions for safe and effective application of EZDtox Cream come with each order.  Use as an effective topical chelator of heavy metals such as chromium, lead, mercury, and cadmium, plus the harmful contents in vaccines.

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