Dupuytren Contracture Treatment Options

Dupuytren Contracture Natural Treatments

You have more natural Dupuytren contracture treatment options than you realize.

Natural Dupuytren treatment supports your body to heal itselfAll Alternative Medicine Dupuytren contracture treatment is controversial, to say the least. But then, standard medical treatment for Dupuytren contracture is also filled with argument and controversy. This section will present an array of Dupuytren contracture natural treatment unlike the conventional use of Dupuytren medication, recognizing that there is controversy in regard to all forms of Dupuytren contracture treatments. No one can say which is the best treatment for Dupuytren contracture at this time.

How do I treat my Dupuytren’s disease?
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Dupuytren contracture treatment unlike any other on the Internet

DCI recommends the active, aggressive, synergistic use of multiple Dupuytren treatment options (vitamin E, Neprinol system enzymes, DMSO, Scar-X homeopathy preparation, PABA, etc.)  in the acute and chronic stages of the contracture of the hand. The purpose of this intense therapeutic approach is to increase, to support, to enhance, the maximum healing potential of the scar tissue.  DCI philosophy recommends supporting the healthy function of local tissue in both specific and general ways so the body is given the best possible opportunity to repair and regenerate – to the best of its ability.

Applying common sense and generally available knowledge about health and healing improves your chance to come out as a winner. All Dupuytren treatment plans found on this web site can be modified, by subtracting or adding, to suit your personal Dupuytren contracture treatment philosophy.

Give your Peyronie’s treatment plan at least several months of concentrated commitment; if it does not work for you, you can have Dupuytren surgery knowing you at least tried your best.

Create your Dupuytren contracture treatment plan:

1. Be aggressive. Overwhelm the problem, support your health in a broad area.

2. Diversify. Use both internal and some external therapies. From the internal options, consider some nutritional and some enzyme therapies. Mix it up.

3. Read and learn about the various therapies. Understand why each is important.

4. Consider what you know about yourself. Select options based on you personally.

5. Discuss your ideas with your doctor.

If you need some help or questions answered, email Dr. Herazy at herazy@dupuytren.com

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  1. Neftali Seagraves says:

    I have a lump on my left palm…the specialist did not diagnosed it as dupuytrens contracture…how can you help me

  2. Dr. Herazy says:

    Greetings Netfali,

    Since the specialist did not say your hand problem is Dupuytren’s contracture, I have no idea what is wrong with your hand. This is a website that deals with natural treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture. I suggest you learn what is wrong with your hand, and have someone help you with that problem. TRH

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