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Lumps on palms of hands:  Dupuytren Contracture

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Dupuytren contracture causes lumps on palms and contracture of cords that go up to the finger and cause them to curl down into the pal. Initially, lumps on palms of either hand can develop under the skin in hte early stage of Dupuytren disease.   Often a small lump or series of distorted pits or dimples are first noticed. Later, tough firm cords develop beneath the skin, going from the palm limps into the fingers.  These cords look like tendons.  They are located between the skin and the tendons that move the fingers. Usually, the area of the palm is in line with the little finger and ring finger, and less often the index and middle finger. Most commonly, one finger is involved.  Two finger involvement is seen occasionally.  And, three finger involvement is rare.

Over time, these cords may cause one or more fingers to bend or curl into the palm. Even though the surface skin and fascia are involved in this process, the deeper tissues like the tendons are not affected or part of the process.  On occasion, when lumps on the palm of the hands appear they can cause thickening on top of the knuckles.  These knuckle pads are also called Garrod’s pads.

Getting rid of palm lumps 

Good news!  When people use the large DCI treatment plan, good things can happen. DCI receives 8-10 reports of moderate to marked improvement, even elimination, of the palm lump when using the DCI large plan, for every one report of failure.

Most people DCI works with – and helps – are in early stage Dupuytren’s contracture.  For this reason, DCI encourages those with palm lumps to treat their problem while it is small, soft and less embedded within the normal tissues of the hand. It is not wise to ignore the bumps on the palm.  For best results, treat them while they are smaller, softer, and more responsive to self-care.

How do I treat my Dupuytren’s disease?
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Cause of lumps on palms of the hands

The cause of Dupuytren contracture has not been determined, although a biochemical problem within the fascia is possible.   People over 40 years of age, especially men, and those who trace their ancestry to Scandinavian and northern UK countries, are more likely to develop the lumps on the palms of the hands of Dupuytren contracture.   There is no statistical evidence that these lumps on the palm of the hand start after hand injuries or chemical exposure.

Symptoms of lumps on palm of hand

Lumps on palms of the hands may cause a little discomfort when they first form, but Dupuytren’s disease is not typically a painful condition. The first symptom of the palm lump of Dupuytren contracture is difficulty laying the hand down flat on a firm surface.  Once the irregular lumps on the palms cause the fingers to curl toward the palm, many activities of daily living can become increasingly difficult until they are impossible to do with the involved hand:

● Wear gloves.
● Wash hands.
● Shake hands with someone.
● Type a message.
● Hold large objects.
● Applaud.
● Put hand in a pocket.
● Use a knife and fork.
● Drive a car.

Generally, the earlier in life the lumps on palms appear, the more severe the condition tends to be and symptoms are proportionately drastic.

Surgical treatment of lumps on palms

Most medical website devoted to Dupuytren contracture casually assume that the only way to deal with any lump on the palm of the hand is to surgically remove it.  While this might be necessary in some cases, it is important to keep in mind:

●  Every surgery has risks.  It is best to first attempt conservative measures.
●  Alternative medicine can be successful in aiding the body reduce and even remove lumps on the palms related to Dupuytren’s contracture.

Try natural and conservative treatment of lumps on palms for a few months.  In this way, determine how successful this form of treatment will be. Since 2002 the Dupuytren Contracture Institute has helped people around the world avoid surgery.  Using Alternative Medicine methods it is possible to reduce and eliminate the palm lumps.

10 thoughts on “Lumps on Palms

  1. Thomas Bannon says:

    Both of my brothers (half brothers from same mother) have or had Dupuytren’s contracture. My brother Elliott now deceased had them removed twice I believe. My other brother Greg has them now. I am now 62 and they have been slowly forming on both palms but mostly on the left hand. I have no restrictions of any fingers as of yet. Not sure if the Dupuytren’s contracture is at a point to start to worry about treatment.

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Thomas,

    Since your Dupuytren’s contracture has a strong familial tendency, it is reasonable to assume your hand lumps would also be as active as your brothers.

    I believe it is also reasonable to treat your Dupuytren’s contracture while they are as immature as possible. When using Alt Med to treat Dupuytren’s contracture it is not necessary to use the surgeon’s reference for timing surgery; the sooner the better as far as your body and healing is concerned.

    People would like to believe that their hand surgery will be wonderfully successful, but it turns out that a comparatively few are and all eventually require another surgery since recurrence of the problem eventually occurs. I believe the best approach is to first try to avoid any type of direct physical intervention with Dupuytren’s contracture by doing all that you can to increase your natural ability to heal DC. We find that we get 8-10 reports of moderate to marked success of natural treatment, for every one report of failure. In addition, since doing this Alt Med work there has never been a report of recurrence after using the DCI methods and no report of side effects.

    If I can answer any questions about natural Dupuytren’s contracture treatment please let me know. TRH

  3. Cheryl says:

    I was just diagnosed yesterday with Dupuytren’s contracture. But, I am thinking of getting another orthopedic surgeons opinion. Reason being …. I don’t fit any of the categories of people whom develop this disease other than maybe down the line some Scandinavian ancestry. I’m a 50 yr old female, don’t drink, smoke, have diabetes and no one as far back as my mom can remember ever had deformed hands. Do the lumps/nodules appear on the surface of the palm or inside. My small lump is inside my palm no cords, pitting, and it’s not directly underneath any finger: I also can place my hand flat on a table surface.. Maybe I’m just in denial of this horrible disease, any thoughts would help as this is very distressing. I’ve only had this lump since 1/18/19. Thank you

  4. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Cheryl,

    I understand. Based on what you have said about yourself, you are in the majority of people who try to make sense why they developed Dupuytren’s contracture. From what I learn from people from around the world, most don’t fit into common diabetes, liver disease, smoking categories. The most common category represented concerns Scandinavian genetics (often without known family history of Dupuytren’s contracture). However there is a much stronger and active predisposition factor that is less often discussed or investigated. Dupuytren’s Contracture Institute is currently preparing to conduct an upcoming research project concerning the predisposition for Dupuytren’s contracture not only by various occupations and avocations, but how a person might use their hands and upper extremities in any occupation or avocation that would predispose for Dupuytren’s contracture. This factor is strong and rather commonly active in many people with Dupuytren’s contracture, as suggested by the rather common occurrence of DC among musicians.

    My current thinking is that there is nothing inherently wrong or detrimental in any particular musical instrument, but more so how a person uses or abuses the hands and upper extremities while playing. Time will tell.

    You might want to think how this might apply to you as you consider the possibilities of how and why you might have developed Dupuytren’s contracture.

    Typically, the common lesions of Dupuytren’s contracture will appear on the surface of the palm, not below the surface. Typically, the palm lump or nodule can be directly below or not directly below or in alignment with the involved finger. Typically, in the early phases of Dupuytren’s contracture there will be no difficulty in placing the palm completely and fully down on a flat surface; some people retain their finger range of motion for a comparatively long time or at least as long as the condition does not advance. There are many variables about Dupuytren’s contracture, and so it is not always valid to isolate on one missing factor while ignoring others.

    I agree that you should seek out a second opinion. There is certainly the possibility that you might have a cyst or other benign growth in the palm. You need to be confident and convinced about what is happening in your hand. Please come back to this website to inform our readers what you have learned. Good luck. TRH

  5. Janice M Smith says:

    Help! I have funny bumps in both palms near the beginning of my fingers. Maybe it is Dupuytren’s contracture. I am 67 years old and 1/2 Norwegian and then Northwest Indian. This thing is rather painful and affecting my sewing, beadwork, and gardening. I do have Diabetes and use Insulin injections. I also have had two knees and one hip replaced, and need the other done ASAP. I hope it is not where I need more surgery. Please help.

  6. Dr. Herazy says:

    Greetings Janice,

    First things first. Find out if you have Dupuytren’s contracture. You have to know what you are dealing with.

    If it is DC, your Scandinavian heritage would make hand surgery likely to result only in a fast recurrence of more Dupuytren’s contracture. No one can predict the speed of DC recurrence, so a person is better off not getting into that position in the first place. I am not advising to not have hand surgery. Only that you should do all that you can to avoid it, if at all possible. My advice is to be very conservative.

    First, if it is Dupuytren’s contracture, try to help your self heal your hand with a broad base of natural therapies like you will find on the DCI website. DCI gets reports of moderate to marked reduction of the Dupuytren’s contracture nodules and cords, for every one report of failure. Those are decent odds that are worth using if you it helps you avoid hand surgery. For more information, this is a good place to start Select Dupuytren’s contracture treatment.

    Lastly, I suggest finding the very best hand surgeon you can locate and hearing him/her out. Listen carefully to what you hear, and carefully evaluate what you learn.

  7. Patti Albert says:

    Hello Dr. Herazy,
    I am a 64 yr. old female and have just noticed what I believe to be a Dupuytren contracture on my right palm, leading to my right ring finger. There is a slight red bump that is a bit itchy and I can feel and see the raised line leading from the lump to the centre of my palm. I am in good health. I use my hands a great deal at work, keyboarding most days for the past 40 years or so, I also garden.
    I would like to know what kinds of alternative therapies you would recommend. I follow the dietary guideline outlined in the Plant Paradox Program. I am not a vegetarian, but eat very little red meat or chicken, relying mostly on fish, legumes and pulses, lots of vegerables and a bit of dairy. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

  8. 88TRH88 says:

    Greetings Patti,

    As always, I recommend that you look at the different plans DCI has created and used since 2002. See what makes most sense to you. Use the largest plan you can afford to aggressively use for 2-3 months to give you body the best opportunity to rid itself of this foreign fibrous tissue. Dupuytren’s contracture is a nasty problem, and is known for being recalcitrant and recurring to all invasive treatment. Surgery tends to stir things up, and often makes matters worse. It is better to do all that you can to aid your body’s ability to heal and repair this problem.

    Since 2002 we have worked with people from all over the globe. We receive 8-10 reports of moderate to marked improvement of DC, up to and including complete elimination, for every one report of failure. It worth giving this natural therapy a try before going the next step into invasive hand treatment.

    It is good that your diet is as healthful as it is. The problem is that Dupuytren’s contracture has a strong genetic component, as well as a physical stress component (abuse and stress to the arms and hands). This means that even if you have a perfect diet, if you hit your thumb with a hammer you are still going to get hurt. great diet does not protect you from certain problems, like Dupuytren’s contracture.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way. TRH

  9. Claudia McKenzie says:

    Very interesting article. I have developed these Dupuytren’s contracture lumps over the past year that go all across my right palm. I am 50% Eastern European Jewish and 45% Scot-Irish. I do have a brother and sister that each had one lump in one hand. I have seen a hand specialist when I was first aware of a lump and he told me what it was but did not suggest hand surgery.
    I’m interested in how to find out about alternative medicine.

  10. Dr. Herazy says:

    Greetings Claudia,

    Yes, your family history demonstrates that even partial Northern European genetics will predispose to Dupuytren’s contracture. to learn more about Alternative Medicine to assist the healing process you only have to spend some time on the DCI website. People say that this is the most comprehensive website of its kind for natural therapies for Dupuytren’s contracture.

    Using our methods faithfully, people report moderate to marked improvement of their DC for every one person who reports failure. The more a person does, and the more prolonged the treatment provided, the greater the results tend to be. The body naturally attempts to heal and repair, the DCI concept shows you how to maximize this effort. Let me know if I can help you in any way. TRH

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