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Lump on hand needs attention

What is that small lump on palm of my hand?

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When a person first finds that small curious lump on the palm of the hand, it is important to know that at least 16 different problems can cause a bump in that area. For this reason it is wise to first receive a formal diagnosis from your doctor so you know what you are dealing with, although most of the 16 potential hand problems can easily be eliminated by common sense.  Some of the others, such as leprosy or malignancy of the hand, are actually a rare consideration.  Most people who actually have Dupuytren contracture (which is the most common cause for a nodule or lump on the palm of the hand) can pretty well make that determination on their own after just a small amount of reading and reflection.

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Of the vaDupuytren contracture showing lumps on palms and contractures of fingersrious potential conditions to explain the lump on the hand that is concerning you, after you are assured you do not have skin cancer or an infection, the most likely causes are a simple callus formation on the palm of your hand and Dupuytren contracture.

A small and isolated callus could be expected if you have a recently started to do unusual work with your hands or started to use a tool or instrument that is new to you that applies frequent or repeated pressure or irritation specifically to that part of that hand where you see the hand lump.   If you know you have started to use a new piece of equipment or taken on a new hobby that makes you repeatedly use your hand in a way that you are not accustomed, a callus might be a logical and easy explanation.  The solution for the hand lump that is actually a callus would be to either wear gloves when you are again engaged in that activity, or learn to do that activity in such a way that you no longer stress the palm of your hand.

Lump on hand that is Dupuytren

What is different about a palm bump associated with Dupuytren is that it tends to be dimpled or swirled in appearance and perhaps thicker than the average callus on your hand since it is not easily worn down.  What is also different is that this kind of nodule will appear to project down or be submerged into the adjacent tissue more than any other callus that might be on the hand at the time.

Treatment for a Dupuytren hand lump

Assuming you would prefer to avoid surgery, and knowing there are no drugs that are approved for Dupuytren treatment, it makes sense to first attempt a conservative round of treatment using various Alternative Medicine Dupuytren treatment methods.  Since 2002 the Dupuytren Contracture Institute has assembled and refined a lineup of different non-drug therapies designed to support and augment the natural ability of the eliminate and correct – to heal – the hand lump that is bothering you.

Our statistics indicate that easily 80% of men and women who conduct an aggressive and faithful therapy plan, as suggested on this website, will see some level of improvement of the nodule or lump in the palm of the hand with increased range of motion of the involved fingers.  This improvement has been reported to be total and complete for some people, and partial for others, depending on the size of the therapy plan and how it is conducted.

For more information about how this kind of improvement can be made, please refer to Dupuytren contracture treatment philosophy.

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