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Dupuytren (du-pwe-tran) contracture is a soft tissue problem affecting the palms of the hands.  It has a lot in common with a large group of soft tissue conditions that are controversial, non-life threatening and very perplexing because there is no known cause and no real cure. Additionally, like most of the other problems in this group, there is a wide variety of opinions, research findings and statistics that vary from one expert to another. Thus, a person with Dupuytren contracture can receive a wide array of information from medical experts that very often leads to contradiction, confusion and disagreement. Attempting to learn some of the basic information about Dupuytrens contracture can be a very discouraging task, to say the least.In a case of Dupuytren contracture, one or both palms can develop a variable amount of hardening and contraction of the tough fibrous layers of tissue directly over the tendon sheaths of the fingers, resulting in various degrees of pain and limitation of one or more fingers so affected. The medical profession maintains that Dupuytren contracture is a medical condition that requires close professional attention, but also maintains there is not much that can be done for this problem, other than surgical repair (which has a high rate of dissatisfaction and complications). As a result, there is often a lot of watching and waiting in the management of Dupuytren contracture to determine if surgery might later be considered as a last resort treatment if the condition worsens.

Dupuytren contracture results in contractures of fingers and lumps on palms of hands Dupuytren contracture treatment of contractures of fingers seeks to increase ability of body to heal Tragedy of Dupuytrens contraction is the contractures of the fingers, contractures of the hand and hand contracture and limited use of the hand occurs because of the fibrous tissue that developes
Dupuytren contracture treatment of contractures of fingers Dupuytren contracture appear as lumps on palms and a hand lump, as well as some poeple saying it looks like a lump on palm of hand.

Dupuytrens contracture changes of shortening, puckering, dimpling and thickening in the tissue of the palm, with variable flexion of one or more fingers can be seen in these photos

Anyone who has recently developed Dupuytrens contracture is either concerned about loosing the normal use of one or both hands, or has already done so. Many who have had Dupuytren contracture surgery are not happy with the results of surgery or the prospect that even after having the surgery the contracture often returns and results in greater distortion and disuse of the hand. Both groups are misinformed about how much Alternative Medicine can possibly assist the drawing up and hardening of tissue in the palm of the hand.Greetings, we welcome you to this website. We are a group of doctors who practice Alternative Medicine; our concern at first was the alternative care of Peyronie’s disease, another soft tissue problem that has many findings similar to Dupuytren’s contracture. Over a period of time we noticed an interesting relationship between these two conditions. The first is the striking similarity of tissue changes on a cellular level between these two problems. Because of this, anywhere from 10% to 25% of men who have Peyronie’s disease also have Dupuytren’s contracture. Secondly, the association between these two problems can explain the frequency of improvement in a case of Dupuytrens contracture when the only treatment being provided is for Peyronies disease.

We have taken our experience and knowledge about Peyronie’s disease, and further applied it to the condition of Dupuytren’s contracture.

If you are new to Dupuytren’s contracture, this website will present interesting treatment options from around the world that you might not know about. For those who have already dug deeply into the Alternative Medicine literature, you will find this website is valuable because it brings together in one location many important and valuable treatments you have only read about. We have made it easy for you to select and purchase high-grade products for your Dupuytren treatment – all from one source. It should be encouraging for you to realize that you have treatment options – lots of them – to increase your chance to recover more fully with less pain and less loss of finger movement.

We have found that people with Dupuytrens contracture want to do as much as possible for this problem. Yes, you can believe it; we have found that people are keenly interested in keeping the full use of their hands. No one seems to mind that the alternative and complimentary medical approaches we advocate are not yet accepted by the medical establishment. A person whose fingers are flexing into a useless and strange fist tends to become a little impatient waiting for some scientist to OK a medical treatment for their problem. The opinion of the doctors of DCI is that it is reasonable and safe for someone with Dupuytren contracture to attempt to improve the eventual outcome of this condition by faithfully and aggressively uses existing – but currently – unproven conservative treatment methods that are based on sound science and common sense.

Please feel free to explore this website to help expand thinking and knowledge about alternative care of Dupuytren contracture. It could be the best favor that anyone could ever places in your hands.

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