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The tragedy of Dupuytrens contraction is the contractures of the fingers, contractures of the hand and hand contracture and limited use of the hand occurs because of the fibrous tissue that developes

How to treat Dupuytren with natural methods

Dupuytren’s contracture, and the lumps on palms it causes, are explained in this section. In order to be successful in your natural Dupuytren contracture treatment, you must understand why you are doing certain things, and how they all work together to assist you ability to heal and repair the Dupuytren’s nodule and related soft tissue thickening. As I like to say, “You must become a the world’s leading authority in YOUR Dupuytren’s problem.”

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The anatomy of the hand is described so the physical mechanism of the finger contractures can be understood. Other topics are statistics, pathology, cause, progression, and standard medical treatment of Dupuytren contracture(DC). A broad view of this surprisingly common condition is presented that destroys the quality of life in so many ways.

Most of what is known about Dupuytren’s contracture is a generalization, since the problem is extremely variable in its presentation. This great variability of Dupuytren’s contracture signs and symptoms has made it so difficult to study and to understand, makes it almost impossible to treat like other medical conditions.

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If Dupuytren’s contracture, from the doctor’s point of view is difficult to treat, what does this mean for the poor person whose finger(s) are bent and stiff? We mention this so a person with Dupuytrens knows that this is not always a simple problem to manage. Knowing how difficult doctors think this problem is to deal with, puts things in perspective for the person with the problem. If you are visiting the DCI website because you want to know not only what is going on with your hand, but you also what to do something safe and conservative about it, you have arrived at the right place. A good way to understand this health problem is to first understand hand anatomy. At DCI we always do our best to help you.

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