Mistaken Dupuytren Contracture Treatment Attitude

No guarantees in medical care, especially Dupuytren treatment

What’s the largest fundamental mistaken attitude in Dupuytren treatment?   This is a great question because holding this attitude could sabotage the success of a Dupuytren contracture treatment plan.

The incorrect attitude that undermines the effort of so many people with Dupuytren contracture is that they will only start Alternative Medicine treatment if it is it is guaranteed.   People who look for a Dupuytren cure probably take this attitude in an effort to avoid being duped by scam artists. Yet, they never stop to think that no doctor in his right mind will guarantee any form of treatment, even an aspirin.

Anyone with fingers contractures or bump on the palm of hand that eventually limit use of the hand wants to be rid of the problem.  They say they will do anything to return the full and normal use of their hand. I hear it all the time.  Yet, when I suggest certain things to do, such as additional Alternative Medicine therapies or exercise strategies to use that often make a difference, they reply with a different message.

When I discuss treatment ideas with someone I often encounter indecision and lack of commitment to recovery.  They report a willingness to try something new if it is:
1.  Easy
2.  Fast
3.  Guaranteed
4.  Inexpensive
5.  Convenient

Of these five reservations, the one that always interests me the most is the third on the list, wanting to know if the Dupuytren treatment presented by DCI is “guaranteed.”

Dupuytren contracture treatment cannot be guaranteed

When someone asks if this or that Dupuytren treatment is guaranteed I ask them, “What drug or surgical treatment have you ever received that has been guaranteed by anyone, especially a doctor?”  Of course, the answer is none; no one guarantees any kind of results for any kind of medical treatment.  Such a guaranteed is actually one of the signs of a medical fraud and quack.

A few weeks ago I had some dental work done to remove a badly cracked tooth.  I asked the dentist if he could guarantee if he could get the entire tooth and roots out of the socket.  He said, “No, I can’t.  If that root breaks off, you will have to go to the dental surgeon to have the jaw bone opened to remove that nasty little root.”  All we were dealing with was the removal of a root from a socket, like pulling a sliver out from under the skin, and he could not guarantee the outcome.

Also, because he could guarantee the effectiveness of the several Novocain shots he put into my jaw, he had to continually ask me how much numbness was created and how much pain I was having.  He asked, “Are you feeling any pain?” because even something as simple and direct as a Novocain shot represents an unknown outcome.

No medical doctor would guarantee that the high blood pressure medicine he prescribes – or even an aspirin – will work.  No doctor can guarantee the outcome of any treatment because the body does not operate that way.

No Dupuytren treatment from any source is easy, fast, guaranteed, inexpensive or convenient.  It is all tough work because Dupuytren contracture is one tough problem, and it will always recur after surgery to remove the lump and nodule on the palm.

There is no standardized Dupuytren’s cure at this time. The trick in treating Dupuytren contracture with Alternative Medicine is to be personally be more stubborn and tenacious than your problem.  It takes a made-up mind, with a high level of commitment to be successful over Dupuytren contracture when you treat yourself with natural remedies.  If you truly have a determined mind and you are prepared to do serious work to help yourself, you have increased your odds for success over your Dupuytren contracture.

Half-hearted effort will get you nothing – I can guarantee that!   Approach your treatment plan knowing it will not be easy, and that any good progress will take time and dedication.  Remember that all you are doing is an attempt to make your tissue healthier and stronger so you can correct your own Dupuytren contracture problem.  It’s as simple as that.

To help you put your plan together, I would be pleased to answer your questions about how to start Dupuytren treatment. Contact me at contact@dupuytrens-contracture.com

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