Bump in Palm: Dupuytren Contracture

What could that bump on palm of hand be?

Dupuytren contracture is a condition of unknown cause and origin in which the thin tissue under the skin (fascia) of the palm becomes thicker than normal, with bumps in the palm and sometimes cords that make it difficult or impossible to extend one or more fingers.

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It is first important to understand there are about 12 health problems to can explain why a palm bump (bump in the palm of the hand) would appear for most people.  Some conditions are more common than others, but by far the most common is Dupuytren contracture.

Different conditions that cause a palm bump or nodule on the palm of the hand:

  • Scar tissue – results of wound healing, leaving a lingering mark of excess collagen, fibrin and elastin on the skin surface
  • Callus formation – local or generalized skin thickening generally due to manual labor
  • Hand injury – trauma to hand resulting in inflammation and swelling
  • Hematoma – a localized collection of clotted blood under the skin, from local injury
  • Fracture – broken hand bone hand protrudes toward palm
  • Non-union of fracture – a chronic unhealed bone fracture consisting of two or more bone end-pieces incapable of normal union
  • Ganglion – localized swelling of soft tissue around a joint as a result of strenuous activity (brick layer, weight lifter, guitarist, waiter), or repetitive strenuous use of joint
  • Infection – a localized collection of white and red blood cells, and fluid related to immune response triggered by invasion of bacteria or virus, resulting in pain, edema,  heat, etc.
  • Malignancy – a collection of cancerous cells with ability to spread to other body tissues and areas (metastasize), tending to have fast, uncontrolled growth due to changes in their genetic makeup; types are  malignant melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – autoimmune disease of various joints that presents as an ongoing, progressive disease with episodes of painful inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis – degenerative joint disease involving the cartilage of the body as an ongoing, progressive disease that causes the joints to break down over time
  • Dupuytren contracture – non-cancerous thickening of the fascia under the palm, of undetermined cause, resulting in eventual flexion contracture of the tissue of one or more fingers
  • Leprosy – infectious disease of biblical reference caused by Mycobacterium leprae, causing disfiguring skin sores, sensory nerve damage, and progressive debilitation, eventually resulting in death

These are the conditions your medical doctor will consider as possible causes in his/her evaluation of your bump in the palm.

With no established cause and no standard medical treatment for the bump in the palm related to Dupuytren contracture, it is considered reasonable to attempt a natural recovery via Alternative Medicine.   For greater details, see Dupuytren treatment with Alternative Medicine

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