Dupuytren Contracture Institute Mission Statement

Purpose of the Dupuytren Contracture Institute

The primary mission of the Dupuytren Contracture Institute is to educate the suffering public about the therapeutic results of using Alternative Medicine Dupuytren treatment that are used to encourage a healing response against Dupuytrens contracture, so they may lead healthier, happier, and more normal and more productive lives.

Dupuytren contracture alters all aspects of living, and reduces the quality of life.

This objective will be achieved primarily by research and analysis of the available literature, and data collected from those clients who use our own synergistic methods and participate in our research projects. DCI will gather and monitor results of our clients’ response to their conservative alternative and complimentary medical treatment through statistical analysis. DCI will develop and advance valuable knowledge about Dupuytrens contracture, and therefore improve conservative treatment of this common disease.

Our mission is to explore and provide an alternative and complementary treatment option for contractures of fingers associated with  Dupuytren’s disease that will work within the medical mainstream. Our goal will be achieved by educating those with Dupuytren contracture about the many non-traditional treatment choices that are safe and supported by reasonable science, with potential to synergistically support and enhance the ability of their tissue to heal and repair to the best of their ability. Offering materials and products from well-established and reputable companies, and making them easily available at reasonable cost, all from one convenient location, advances our goal and benefits the quiet sufferers of Dupuytren’s contracture of hand.

The staff of DCI knows that Dupuytrens contracture is an extraordinary health problem and is therefore committed to delivering extraordinary caring, quality products and prompt service.

The normal and full use of your hand or hands can be taken from you through Dupuytrens contracture progression. Do all that you can, as early as you can, to allow your body the best opportunity to reverse this problem.

For ideas and suggestions to organize an effective Alternative Medicine treatment plan, click Start a Dupuytren Treatment Plan.

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