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Dupuytren’s Contracture Testimonials

Dupuytrens contracture can be a worrisome and limiting condition. But it is a even larger problem without the support and encouragement from others who know that Alternative Medicine therapies can help this problem. Send in your testimonials so that others can be encouraged and uplifted to work to help themselves.

Please send us your Dupuytren treatment success story.  Others will profit from your experiences, good and bad.  Give someone the benefit of your insight and experiences in dealing with this disease.  Full names will not be used, only initials and state or country of origin.

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Not like a cable anymore

Not much to say, I did my best to follow the instructions and a little more than a month later the bumps and lumps got soft and smaller. After I slowly brought my doses up higher the palm lumps shrunk down even more, even the long tendon band feels like a piece of yarn and not like a cable anymore. Worked pretty well.

JG – South Carolina


Got use of my hands back

Hello. I am a 34-year old musician, with both Peyronies and Dupuytrens. I have had the Peyronies for over 10 years and the Dupuytrens for about 2 years. My father and one uncle have Peyronies also, but I am the only one in the family with a hand contracture.
After starting my PDI therapy plan I started to see some progress with the pain and size of the nodules in my penis after nine weeks of really working hard with the larger PDI plan. At first I wasn’t sure because the changes in the plaques were so small and gradual and I couldn’t believe it because I have had the Peyronies for so long. At about this same time I began to notice that I could hold my drumsticks easier and with less stiffness, so I had better control of them. I did not have to work so much when I was trying to hold them in my hands.

I have only been following my program for a few months total now, but I really think this is great. I feel like I am getting my life back. While both problems are coming around for sure, I don’t know which has me most excited. I guess I am most excited about getting the use of my hands back. I got so used to not having normal sex after so long, maybe that is why my music is so important to me. I am hoping I will be able to keep my musical career, I was afraid I would eventually have to quit playing. Thanks for all your help and your great customer service.

DVH – Florida


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Two lumps went away

It’s pretty easy to understand.  I used my therapy package like I was supposed to and the two lumps went away. Good results I say.

PB – California 


Check this out – It worked

You want to check this out!  What DCI does is all about how you take the vitamins and how you figure out the right doses to reduce and heal up the Dupuytrens. I used the large plan because I was getting worse in a hurry and my doctor said I needed to have surgery.  But I wanted to try something less aggressive before getting cut on. So I did this and it worked. The hand is back to full use, and no surgery.  There is only a thin soft cord now that does not hurt me anymore and does not keep my fingertip flexed into the palm. As far as I am concerned, my Dupuytrens is gone.

TG – Florida


Better by at least 50%

I feel lucky that I stumbled on this website. I used the biggest package DCI offers to get ahead of my cords and lumps by at least 50%

LJ – California 


Good results with Dupuytren problem

When I put my right hand palm down on the table, there was about 2 inches of space because my two fingers were so badly bent.  I followed a medium DCI plan and after 7 weeks I can hardly get a pencil under that same palm when I put my hand down.

TR – Texas


Avoided z-plasty aponeurectomy

What I did was different than the other people in these testimonials. First I got a few things from DCI and tried to use them my way. It seemed like too much work to follow all those instructions. Besides I hate swallowing pills. So I tried to cut corners and do it on the cheap.  I only wasted my money by doing less because nothing happened. I came back to DCI years later when my hand got worse and the doctor was insisting I should have a full z-plasty aponeurectomy.  That seemed too radical so I tried DCI again, only this this second time around I was a lot more desperate. I paid more attention to what was laid out in the notes, and I got much better results with the Dupuytrens.  The hand is not completely flat yet, but getting there. Thanks.

JS – Montana


Can continue working now

What’s so amazing is that I made all this progress myself at home with no drugs.  My curled fingers are opening up again after being so bent so tight into the palm. You can still see a small raise on the palm if you look close and the cords are small also. I am staying on the job and didn’t have to quit work after all because my hand works good enough for me to continue working. I wish I started on this DCI stuff sooner it would have saved me a lot of grief. Thanks for putting all this together.

EG – North Dakota


Lump considerably smaller, softer and thinner


I’ve been using Dusa-Sal with Super CP Serum and Unique-E oil 3 times a day, plus Vitamin E 400/400, PABA, Quercetin-Bromelain and MSM usually twice a day for about 2 months dupuytren’s contractures with good results.  Recently I have been able to put my hands almost flat together, which hasn’t happened for several years.  Also I notice the hard lump on my palm is considerably smaller, softer and thinner

BE – New York


Avoided surgery

Any surgery scares me. But after reading what can happen when hand surgery or Xiaflex injections go bad, I wanted to first do something natural instead. I didn’t care about getting rid of the DC, I just wanted to help it enough that I did not need to be cut on. I jumped into this treatment program and worked hard with it until the hands started to respond. Then I kept the therapy at that level and stayed there. The cords going into the fingers got so thin and weak now I do not need surgery. Not bad for a 66-year-old Viking from Minnesota!

JL – Minnesota

Penis and hand problem

I just had to write to you to offer my experience with your treatment plan. I wish I could say that I had fast results, but I didn’t, it took a long time to get the curve out of my penis but it finally is gone. I started to see change in my Peyronie’s disease maybe after the first 9-10 weeks, but it was always slow to change. My penis got to be a little less sore, the lumpy scars got a little smaller, and the firmness of the erections slowly improved. I am almost back to normal. But what was important is that I also I noticed that the puckering and cords on my palms are also getting softer and smaller. I can use both hands now with less stiffness, my fingers are not as close to my palms now, maybe 50% improvement. I have been working at it for over a year, but it has been worth it because after putting up with all of these problems for over three years, I am happy to be finally getting better.

LJ – Toronto


Doctor said to go for it

I tell everyone about how I came this close to having hand surgery and tried this natural self -care and the fingers loosened up and are moving again.  I used a large plan with some extra enzymes because the cords were so heavy.  Also I needed more I think because my father and an uncle had DC and PD so it is in my family.  There were a lot of instructions to follow and that is good because this is important to get right. I worked hard at following the notes and I am happy I did.  The ultrasound felt good and felt like it was really getting down into the tight tissue.  I did that 3 times a week, plus all the other vitamins and things like DMSO.  I gave myself two months to see if this self-help natural therapy would help me and then go through with the surgery if it did nothing.  I asked my doctor and he said to go for it.  I figured I had nothing to lose considering that there is such a high rate of recurrence after surgery.  Well it worked better than I hoped.  My doctor says the is suggesting that people try DCI therapy first before they get to the point of needing surgery.  I am so pleased that I took the chance to try it out.  Thanks.

GS – Virginia 


Better results than from two surgeries

hello dr. herazy,

this note is sent to tell you after i was ready to have my hand operated on for the third time, i got rid of a major part of the dupuytren that was causing my hand to curl up.  both of the other surgeries failed and made my hand worse with more bending of my first two fingers and it hurt a lot more after each surgery.  i did not know there was another way to take care of myself so i was like a lot of other people and just figured i had to get cut on again.  then i found your dc site.  i used the medium plan religiously and after a few weeks the fingers were able to move better than ever before.  i am so sorry i ever had those two surgeries because what you said is true about the body being able to get rid of hand lump.  i am not perfect but this is because of the scars that came from the two surgeries.

BBW – Tennessee

How do I treat my Dupuytren’s disease?
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Lump on palm of hand is gone

After putting up with a slowing developing case of Dupuytrens for over five years, it finally got bad enough that my doctor talked me into getting surgery after he came back from his vacation   While I was waiting for the date of the operation I found your DCI website and thought I would give your ideas a try.   I figured I had nothing to lose.  Well, I lost the large lump on my palm near the ring finger.

I started with your medium plan and worked with it every night using the Dusa-Sal and mild stretching exercises that Dr. Herazy told me about in an email he sent to me.  After two weeks I started to feel movement in my finger I had not felt for many years.  I called my doctor and postponed the surgery.  Now two months later the lump is gone and I have full use of that finger and the lump is gone from palm.

When I told the same doctor who wanted to do surgery about my success, he said that vitamins can do nothing for this kind of problem and that only surgery could help Dupuytrens.  He also said my problem was not all that bad.  When I asked him if the  problem was not all that bad why he wanted to do Dupuytren surgery on me, he had nothing to say.

I say thanks for the great website and thanks for all the time you spent helping me with your emails.   I am  very grateful.

PC – Vermont

Fingers less bent

I started with the DMSO trio and ultrasound because I wanted to see what might happen. After a month or a little more the hard thick lumps started to soften making the finger easier to stay less bent. The instructions say the more you put into a plan the more you can get done. As soon as I get the money I am going all in for a large plan to beat this thing.

AR – Idaho


Lumps now soft like a gummy bear

Hi, Doctor.  All I’ve used for my Dupuytrens so far is the 3 MHz ultrasound device with DMSO, nothing else. I do this three times a week. After five weeks the lumps and cords went from feeling hard like a pencil eraser to feeling soft like a gummy bear and all the pain is gone. Now that I know DCI is legitimate, I am going to add in a few more therapies for more improvement.

FM – Tennessee  


Doesn’t need surgery now

The large plan saved me from needing surgery after Dr. H figured out how to customize what I was doing so it worked better for me. It helped a little right away, but after making a few changes the size and hardness of the lumps really changed and they became less stuck to the tissue of the palm. I made sure my brother who has a mild case of Dupuiytren got on it, and it is working for him too. Thank you for putting all this information together for us.

PV – Illinois

Helped a royal mess

My dad has Dupuytrens, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw bumps and dimples in the right palm three years ago. It started slowly but then after maybe a year grew rapidly, then the left hand showed the same pattern. I had Xiaflex injected and afterward when it came back again 8 months later it was even worse. That was a royal mess.  Breaking that cord was the most painful thing I ever went through. It made childbirth seem like a picnic. I was in constant pain for several months.  Because the Xiaflex was not injected in the right spot I developed a deep crater in my palm that needed grafting.  But the worst part was that after going through all that, the Dupuytrens came back in less than a year. Thank goodness I found DCI in a google search. I started right away with a large plan and in a few days the constant pain disappeared. The scars continue to shrink away, and I my calipers show my fingers are starting to straighten. What a blessing. Don’t know how far this can go, but I am willing to work with this treatment until I see it is no longer helping me. It is amazing how the body can heal something like this when given a little help.

LR – Texas

Surprising repair 

Just like all the others I see here, if you put some decent effort into doing this treating the right way, then natural treatment can help you do some surprising repair to a messed up hand. You only know if you try.

OQ – Louisiana 

Measurable improvement 

Hello..My Dupuytren nodules are smaller and more flexible like the bumps are not as dense and tight like before I started using the DCI treatment products. They are almost completely gone on my dominant (right) hand and more than half gone on the left hand.  Once I got the dosages of the therapies up into a therapeutic level positive changes started to happen that are measureable. Like my right cord is 2 mm thinner. I know how DC starts slow and all that because I have seen it go through several people in my immediate family.  I swore I was not going to let it get worse by waiting to do something about it.  As soon as I got a diagnosis I got started with these vitamins and things because my older sister used it successfully for her Dupuytren hand. It is work to use the program but I got results.  And yes it cost some out of pocket money, but so does surgery that I saw with my mother and father only stirred up the pot and made things worse in the long run. It makes sense to first use a natural conservative treatment to see if I could self heal this Dupuytren. I am so glad I did. Thanks.

VP – California 


Lumps disappearing, cord skinnier 

After I got serious about using the DCI plan the right way I finally saw nice changes in the finger bands and palm lumps. The lumps are disappearing the cord is skinnier. The range of motion in my right ring finger went from a permanent 80-degree bend to a much straighter 35 degrees. I should have done this a long time ago.  Thanks for all the help.

JF – New York


It worked and no surgery now

My two huge knots were getting bigger and harder fast and my MD almost had me convinced to get surgery to clear it all out. On a lark I decided to put myself on the biggest treatment plan with the idea I would do it for only 3 months to see if anything would actually happen. I figured if it worked, great, then I would gain a whole bunch. And if it didn’t work the worse thing would be that I would have the surgery like my doctor said I should. Turns out it worked and no need for surgery now. My wife tells everyone and so do I. Really happy with the results. Thanks for how you take care of people.

DT – Florida

Fast response with Dupuytren on both hands

What can I say?  i was desperate because without my hands I cannot make a living as a truck driver.  i could not afford to be off work long enough to have surgery, so i  just put up with it and hoped i could make it to retirement in a few years.

My wife found your site and she put me on your full plan.  In a few weeks i thought maybe i could see and feel some changes but i was not sure.  Then one day my wife said she noticed that i was washing my face differently like i could open my hands flatter.   i want you to know following your ideas for around four months has made all the difference to me and now i can almost flatten my hands palms down and i think i will make a full recovery.  Thanks.

BH – Ohio

Skeptic and now believer

I just wanted to let you know that I am a very skeptical person who spent a lot time searching for something natural and effective to help my husband with his terrible Dupuytrens lumps on his palms.  When we told his doctor we were going to use your large plan for his hand problem, the doctor said  that he knew ahead of time it would not work and that we were wasting our money and time.  He said the only thing that would help his hands and fingers to their normal conditon would be the surgery he wanted to do on my husband.

After slowly advancing for about five years, his left hand especially had gotten worse the last six months.  We had tried all the medicine his doctor prescribed and it looked like surgery was our only option.

We got the large plan and began to follow all your detailed instructions very carefully.  Within the first two weeks my husband thought he was able to move his fingers easier and farther than before. A few more weeks later he was positive of it and I could see his palms looking more normal.  After three months of aggressive treatment he is at least fifty percent better. We cannot believe how well he is progressing and we just know he will never need to have surgery if this rate of recovery continues.

He and I are both grateful for his continued progress and thankful to you for putting this information on the website. I cannot wait to hear the MDs explanation for why my husband is gaining the use of both of his hands.  Thank you.

HV – Illinois 


He did it like his wife said 

My wife pushed me into doing this naruyal therapy work because I have Peyronies and Dupytren.  I was getting worse and our marrage was in real trouble.  She told me what to do and what to take and I did it.  It didnt take to long and I could tell things were getting better. I will be happy when I can stop taking all these vitamins and things.

VJ – California


I don’t need any surgery now

I followed the directions I got with the DCI big plan and healed up good enough that the doc said I don’t need any surgery. Thank you. How sweet it is!

KL – Rhode Island


Impressive results 

I was diagnosed three years ago by a surgeon with Dupuytren’s contracture in both hands. I didn’t want surgery because of many horror stories I saw on the internet, as well as the terrible complications involved in so many cases.  I found DCI on the internet and used their products with ultrasound and the DMSO trio.  The results were impressive. My hands kept me awake at night with pain and numbness.  The palm lumps were getting bigger, and cords were just starting to develop. Now, after working with this for about four months the finger is so much straighter because the finger cord is completely gone. Thank you Dr. Herazy for your help and support during my self-care.

DW – Arizona 


My doctor is impressed 

Four months on the large plan and am getting great results. I read all your instructions three times and am trying hard to do it the right way like you said. Both cords and palm lumps are like they are melting away. Even my doctor is impressed with the changes and told me to continue what I am doing. Too bad insurance doesn’t pay for this. Oh well. I am glad my husband insisted I try this.

HK – Arizona


Back to playing the guitar

When I started the large plan plus serretia and l-arginine my little finger was flexed down at 70 degrees and my ring finger was almost 90   any fast movement of my fingers gave me killer pain    now I am able to play the guitar again with no pain   can’t wait to see the hand doctor next month to show him how my palm almost touches the tabletop now   the knots are maybe half as big as when I started   seriously doubt I will ever need hand surgery now    thanks

LS – Louisiana 


Hand 50% straighter

I started with a medium plan, then added Neprinol and ultrasound because even though the lump was changing it was not fast enough for me. My hand is 50% straighter and flatter and brushing my teeth is not a problem anymore, and I can shake hands without embarrassing myself. I think I have this Dupuytren thing licked.

MS – Wisconsin 


Contracture of hand is gone after 12 years

After putting up with the annoyance mild to moderate contracture of two fingers of my dominant hand, I played with the idea of going under the knife.  I did not do it because I learned how to get around a lot of problems that the bend in the fingers caused me.  The fingers did not hurt for a long time and I was afraid that surgery could make my problem worse, so I just put up with it.

When I talked to my doctor again about surgery he told me about your website and that the theory made sense to him, so I thought I would give it a try.  After the first month I was able to tie my shoes better than I have in many years, and by the second month I could unbutton my shirt like I was a kid.  After four months of care MSM, Maxi-Gamma, 400/400 E, Neprinol, Scar-X, PABA, acetyl-l-carnitine, and Super CP copper) I cannot find the lumps on my palm and my fingers move 95% normal.  I will continue until I am perfect.

I think I will continue taking the Neprinol long-term since it seems to be making some nice changes with my arthritis.

JF – California


Fingers straight again

I was diagnosed with Dupuytrens in the right hand six years ago, and left hand two years ago.  Thanks to coaching I got from Dr. Herazy I was able to clear up at least 80% of the lumps and 25% of the cord. When my progress slowed down he showed me how to taylor my different therapy intake to suit my needs.  Brilliant. Now the fingers are straight again. I recommend this DCI natural treatment idea to anyone. As an extra bonus my skeptical husband admits he was wrong about this not working.

CG – North Carolina 


Grateful to be back to normal

I have Dupuytren in both hands, right more than left, I guess because I am right handed. Most of the people in my family have either Ledderhose or Dupuytren, and I guess Peyronies although nobody talks about that one. I had needle aponeurotomy done by the first doctor I went to when the right hand started, and it only aggravated everything because the Dupuytren came back worse in just 15 months. What a mistake. Too bad I did not find this DCI website before getting sliced up with that needle. With a DCI treatment I got help with the scars and pain caused by hand surgery. I am grateful to be back to this close to normal again.

MB – California


Lumps shrinking and cords thinner, fingers straighter 

A few months ago my Dupuytrens got worse quickly like I couldn’t believe. LIke it just blossomed after resting for a long time. I looked around the internet for non-surgical remedies and DCI made sense to me.  The medium plan helped a little, but not a lot until I added extra bromelain along with Neprinol and l-arginine. I guess I needed more. Nice to work with DCI because they take natural treatment seriously and have always answered by questions and helped me. The lumps cleared up and the cords are under control.  They are all shrinking and getting thinner at a rate that is faster than how they slowly got worse, making the fingers straighter now. The point is, I now know how to help myself to keep them from ever being such a big deal problem again. Thanks.

SW – North Dakota  


Will not need hand surgery after all

I used a small DCI plan plus Neprinol and ultrasound and I got rid of two years of hand pain, and my ring finger movement increased by at least half as much. My family is excited because my doctor says I will not need hand surgery after all. I want to tell the world this simple self-help natural approach worked for me because I was this close to having surgery only because I did not know there was something I could do for Dupuytren. Bravo to DCI.

PF – Oregon


Hand flat on tabletop test 

The DCI large program made a great difference with my Dupuytrens hand. My hand is completely flat now doing a tabletop test. And no more trigger finger and the cords are super skinny and pliable now compared to before. This is really tremendous. I am really grateful I found DCI, thanks.

TM- Minnesota  


Breaking up finger stiffness

Heavy enzymes (Neprinol, Serretia and bromelain) and ultrasound coupled with DMSO is actually breaking up the stiffness in my Dupuytren. My fingers are relaxed and straightening nicely after four months into it.

SA – Texas 


20 year Dupuytren ends well 

I lived for almost 20 years with dull pain and all the daily frustration of dupytren  My mother and two sisters have it worse. It was so painful and awkward to hold my guitar pick that I stopped playing  After I got on a DCI large kit we tweaked it a bit so it worked even better for me.  Now you can hardly tell I had Dupuytren. Now no pain, good finger movement and I am back to the guitar  I am happy to tell my story the way it ended.

BL – Florida 


Something good happening to hand after 12 years

I got on a large plan after my kid brother told me how much help he got with DCI.  He was having a terrible time with his hands and he now sings your praises what it means to him.  He wanted me to avoid what he went through.  Our mom had one finger amputated after 3 hand surgeries only made her worse.  So we both take our Dupuytren seriously. Really appreciate getting this thing under control and out of my life. Because I had two needle fasciotomies and a Xiaflex injection series in both hands, I will never be completely normal.  But thanks to working with Dr. Herazy I am out of constant pain and have some feeling starting in the four fingers that were operated almost 4 yrs ago. For the first time in 12 yrs something good and positive is finally happening to my hands. Thanks.

DM – Minnesota


Measurable changes by 8th week

Thank you Dr Herazy. What a nice change for my hand to be improving after getting worse for 4 years. All I did was use Neprinol, Serretia, and the DMSO trio with the DCI ultrasound machine and my hand started to get more limber and relaxed within a few weeks. Even had physical changes of the lumps and cords I could measure by the end of the 8th week. As of this morning I gained a total of 19 mm finger straightening. Don’t know how much more I can improve this Dupuytren situation, but who knows?  All that I spent is worth it because my doctor said I was 5 degrees away from needing hand surgery. The money I spent with DCI was nothing in comparison to what that would have cost me. Thanks again!

RC – California 


Surgeon is still waiting for me to call him back

I used the medium package religiously for about 5 months. During that time I switched over to Neprinol in the 2nd month. Cant ‘believe how this worked because my MD said surgery was the only way to take care of this kind of hand problem. The hand stays flat and the surgeon is still waiting for me to call him back.  Even the Ledderhose lumps on my feet are smaller and I can walk without any pain since doing the whole DCI thing. Thanks so much.

PP – Oregon     


Hands went from being useless to full use   

GMAfter one Xiaflex surgery I vowed no more. I couldn’t put myself through that again, so I looked for natural options online and that is when I found this website. I’ve had great results with the larger plan and happy to have put in the time and money for what I got out of it. The hands went from being mostly useless and in the way for most things to full use without any pain. Even breathing is better. Dr. H says it probably because the fibrous tissue in my lungs were cleaned up by the enzymes I took for my hands.  I am grateful to be in the positive column.

GM – Ohio


Serious approach for Dupuytren’s contracture

Like everybody else here I think this program works very well.  It is a serious way to approach Dupuytren’s disease and avoid surgery.  I only wish I found the website sooner so I could have avoided a lot of worry and frustration living with this problem for so many years.

TK – California 

My doctor is happy with my progress

All I did was delay getting hand surgery for a few months to see if this DC approach could help my hand.  After a month I knew something was going on because my two fingers were less tense. But I didn’t know if the hard material in the palm and fingers could change enough to get back the finger movement that was lost.  I stayed with it long enough that my doctor is happy with my progress and she wants me to continue what I am doing with the DCI treatment. .

DA – Florida

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The normal and full use of your hand or hands can be taken from you by Dupuytren contracture. Do all that you can, as early as you can, to allow your body the best opportunity to reverse this problem. These people whose testimonials are presented here took the chance to try something different to try to help themselves – and it worked!

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