DCI and Natural Health Education LLC Disclaimer

Dupuytren Contracture Institute (DCI) and
Natural Health Education  LLC Disclaimer

The visitor to the DCI website, and customer of the Natural Health Education LLC that sells the various nutritional supplements and Alternative Medicine products displayed on this website, should understand that as a result of reading any information and opinion contained in this website, completing any health questionnaires or surveys, and receiving or implementing information, products, services or communication from any doctor or individual associated with this website, either written, electronic, or oral, absolutely no traditional doctor/patient relationship or meaningful professional obligation is implied or has been or will be established for the care of the visitor and customer now or in the future for diagnosis or treatment of Dupuytren contracture or any other health condition. Therefore, information provided on this site should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction.  No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this site. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. This is a website of business and commerce, and is not intended nor can it for anyone establish or substitute for a standard doctor/patient relationship.

The reader of the DCI website and customer of Natural Health Education LLC should also understand that the statements, information and opinions offered herein might not be traditional or standard medical opinion. Products and materials sold through Natural Health Education LLC are currently not standard medical care, nor customary medical practice at this time. Some products and materials offered by Natural Health Education LLC and DCI can be considered experimental and investigational, and have not been given wide-spread medical endorsement. By choosing to utilize whatever opinions, information and products that are selected from this website from Natural Health Education LLC, the reader agrees to accept full responsibility for his health and well-being, as well as the liability and consequences of such utilization. By using or engaging in the information and techniques found herein, the customer and reader agrees to hold DCI, and any physician or other individual associated with DCI and Natural Health Education LLC, harmless and waive liability for any information, product or service provided, and any decisions or application the visitor, reader or his physician may eventually make. The visitor and customer shall agree DCI, or any physician or individual associated with DCI and Natural Health Education LLC, cannot be held responsible for the inappropriate application, intentional or unintentional misuse of any techniques, information and concepts contained herein.

The DCI website contains statements, information and opinions expressed herein that are educational in nature for the global community for informational purposes only, and not intended as the sole basis for diagnosis or treatment, and they are not offered as a substitute for a traditional personal doctor/ patient relationship. The opinions and ideas expressed in this website are only the current opinions and ideas of the doctors of Natural Health Education. The reader should not act or rely upon this information without first seeking the advice of his physician. Further, it should be clearly understood that the statements, information and opinions expressed throughout the entirety of this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor are all of the materials or products presented herein intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.

The information and opinions provided for Dupuytren contracture treatment are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best information available to the authors, but readers who fail to consult a personal physician assume the risk of any injuries. The publisher of the DCI website and Natural Health Education LLC are not responsible for errors or omissions, or the actions of readers as a result thereof.

Dupuytren Treatment Institute and Natural Health Education LLC :
Return Policy

DCI and it’s parent company, Natural Health Education LLC, has a no-return policy for two reasons:

1.   For the safety and protection of everyone who does business with us, no product that has left our control will be accepted for return.  When you purchase anything from DCI and Natural Health Education LLC you know it has never been sold to, or touched by, anyone else who could tamper with it.  Since DCI and Natural Health Education LLC do not accept returned products, the buyer need not worry about product contamination from an outside source.

2.  Throughout the entire DCI site this point is emphasized over and over, “Dupuytren’s contracture in all its forms and varieties is a very difficult problem to treat; if improvement occurs it will only be with persistent and prolonged treatment.”  With this understanding, there can be no return of the therapy products because several – many – bottles of many different therapies must be utilized if a person is to hope to achieve improvement with DC treatment. And any good plan must be followed for months at a time for it to be successful.  If a person just wants to try a few days of DC treatment, or just a portion of a bottle of a supplement, to see what might happen we suggest they not order anything from DCI or Natural Health Education LLC.  Better to just suffer in silence than to briefly dabble at Alternative Medicine therapy. Only people who are committed to their DC therapy plan, and intend on extended and aggressive treatment should begin care.

Therefore, we offer neither guarantee of results nor accept return of products that have left our control.

Of course, if a particular DC therapy product is found to be actually defective, please call toll-free at 847-670-8800 to discuss replacement procedures.or contact us via email at  info@dupuytrens-contracture.com

Non-Delivery of Domestic orders and International shipping import policy

Orders are lost, damaged and stolen in transit rarely, but when this happens the buyer agrees to not hold DCI or Natural Health Education LLC responsible for damages or replacement of any lost, damaged or stolen purchase items.  To prevent this from happening, if a buyer wishes a shipment to be delivered to an address that is unsecured area or some other unprotected, exposed or open environment in which security and safe receipt of an order might be a problem, it is the responsibility of the buyer to inform the seller of this situation so that insurance and/or signature-receipt requirements – at no cost to the buyer – can be included for the delivery of such item, thus assuring protection and added measures that protect buyer and seller from stolen or lost deliveries.

If an international shipment from DCI or Natural Health Education LLC is confiscated, seized or destroyed by the custom’s office or postal authority of the buyer’s country of import because of importation laws or customs restrictions, or is lost, misdirected, destroyed or otherwise mismanaged due to postal error, theft or incompetence, the buyer freely agrees a refund will not be made by DCI or Natural Health Education LLC because it is not possible to be aware of the changing import law details and intricacies of every country, or to assume responsibility for an order after it has left the control of the shipper.   The buyer agrees it is the responsibility of the buyer to know and understand the import law and custom’s restrictions of his or her particular country, not the seller, and to assess and accept the likelihood or possibility of postal error, theft or incompetence in the buyer’s country.  If there is a possibility that a DCI and Natural Health Education LLC product might not be legally imported into your country, or for the purchase to be lost due to simple error, theft or incompetence please do not place an order with us.

If an international shipment is returned unopened to DCI by a foreign custom’s office due to their regulatory policy or law, a refund will be made minus two fees:

1. Shipping costs paid by DCI to send that parcel to the customer, and

2. An additional 10% restocking fee.


Best wishes for your success and return to good health. This is a stubborn problem that requires commitment to overcome. Be persistent and stay focused.

The normal and full use of your hand or hands can be taken from you through Dupuytren contracture progression. Do all that you can, as early as you can, to allow your body the best opportunity to reverse this problem. For ideas and suggestions to organize an effective Alternative Medicine treatment plan, click Create Dupuytrens Treatment Plan.

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