Dupuytren contracture in another body area?

I have DC in booth hands. Now I have one too in my left foot is affected to bending in under the foot.  CAN DC OCCUR IN ANOTHER PLACE IN THE BODY? Sternum for instance?


Jane H,  Sweden

Greetings to you, Jane,

Sorry to hear of your condition appearing in another body area.

First thing to mention is that since you are Swedish (from a Scandinavian country), you are genetically predisposed to this small group of soft tissue problems in which a greater amount of collagen appears in a few different parts of the body.   The body areas and names of the conditions are:

1. Palm of hand – Dupuytren’s contracture
2. Knuckle pads – Garrod’s disease
3. Soles of the feet – Ledderhose disease
4. Shaft of the penis – Peyronie’s disease

There are no other areas or tissues of the body in which this excess fibrous material is deposited.

I became involved in working with Dupuytren contracture after it was repeatedly brought to my attention by men I was working with for their Peyronie’s disease that their Dupuytren contracture problems were responding to care for their penile problem.  This suggests the systemic nature of all these conditions, and how the holistic ideas for increasing the ability of the body improves the ability to heal and eliminate this material wherever it is located.

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    To whom it may concern.
    Went to see foot doctor yesterday Sept 6 2011.She told me that I have Dupuytren’s Contracture but for me it’s under both
    feet.I’m going for feet ex-rays,to make sure this is what I really got.So I won’t know until I have the results. So what I’m
    asking is should I worry about this being Dupuytren’s contracture of the feet? Because it’s under my feet At work my feet start hurting a lot around 4pm after about 3 hours standing on my feet.I work as a cook for a Church here in Kingston,Ont (Canada).Do you have any connection here who I could see about this.The foot doctor here told me this is what I have and 3 years ago I got one remove under my left foot the doctor that removed it said it was a tumor who do I believe.The one under my right
    foot right now is about the size of 2 marbles put together and theirs 2 under my left foot starting all over again.Will I
    continue having this all the time?It’s very hard to do my job everyday ending with foot pain everyday.Your advice about dealing with this foot Dupuytren’s contracture would mean alot to me.I will wait for you reply Thank You for reading my letter. From: Suzanne Madore.

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Suzanne,

    There are three primary diseases in the body that affect people with masses of painful fibrous nodules and lumps. When it happens on the palm of the hand and fingers it is called Dupuytren’s contracture; when it happens on the male organ it is called Peyronie’s disease; and when it happens on the bottom of the foot it is called Ledderhose disease. You have Ledderhose disease, not Dupuytren’s contracture of the foot. I guess your doctor told you this just to make it easier to explain, but it sounds like she did not explain very much to you.

    This website is devoted to the Alt Med treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture, although many people over the years who have had two or three of the conditions I mentioned above have used our DCI ideas to get relief from all three problems. If you read the DCI website you can use this information about Dupuytren’s contracture treatment to treat your Ledderhose disease. The idea behind using Alt Med is to avoid surgery if at all possible since the results and outcomes of Ledderhose surgery can sometimes be worse than the original condition. Let me know if I can help you in any way or if you have more questions. TRH

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