Does this sound like Dupuytrens and Ledderhose?

hi.  i think that i have dupuytrens. twice in the last six months my pinky and ring finger was bent when i woke i have nodule on pinky. otherwise apart from pins and needles in my hands and feet and going very red i have no other problems. does this sound like dupuytrens and ledderhose?  regards, sharon

Greetings Sharon,

I am not clear on the details you write about here.  You make it sound as though on two separate occasions you woke with your ring (4th) and little (5th) fingers bent and a nodule on the little finger; you email also gives the impression you do not now have bent fingers or a nodule anywhere.   It is not likely that if you had Dupuytren’s contracture that it would go away twice on its own without treatment.  For this reason your situation does not sound like you have Dupuytren’s disease.  

If I did not read your email correctly, and the finger flexion and nodule formation have been constant for the last six months, then your situation could more likely be Dupuytren’s disease.

However, to know for sure if you do or do not have this hand problem you really should be examined by a skilled orthopedist or hand specialist for a definite diagnosis. 

You also mention pins and needles sensations, and redness, in your hands and feet.   Neither of these are commonly associated with a Dupuytren or Ledderhose problem, but it might be possible under certain circumstances.  In summary, get yourself checked out so you know for sure what is going on, OK?  TRH

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