Do you think my hand lump and pain are Dupuytren contracture?

my doctor told me i have dupuytren contracture in my right hand.   i had a small lump came in my hand after i had carpal tunnel surgery about 3 years ago.   lately  it has gotten worse.  now doctor tell me about dupuytren disease.   at the start i had very little pain, but i have pain all the time now.  i play the piano and maybe that the reason i’m in pain.  what do you think?  my fingers are not bent, just in pain .  joyce

Greetings Joyce,

It is not uncommon for Dupuytren’s contracture to start after hand surgery, like for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  It is also not uncommon for Dupuytren’s contracture to occur in piano players who stress their hands, arms and shoulders by prolonged practice and playing.  Early stages of Dupuytren disease will only demonstrate a palm lump or two with variable pain, and no finger contracture or stiffness.   The problem of finger contracture appear only later when cords of soft tissue develop in the palm.  Based on your brief description your problem does not seem out of the ordinary for an early case of DC.    

Apparently your doctor, who has examined you, thinks you have Dupuytren contracture so I think there is no reason to doubt that diagnosis.

I suggest you consider getting busy treating your hand problem with Alternative Medicine therapy while it is still manageable.  Go to start Dupuytren treatment for more information to help your body heal this problem.  TRH

2 thoughts on “Do you think my hand lump and pain are Dupuytren contracture?

  1. Lisa Maas says:

    I had carpal tunnel surgery about 6 years ago in both hands. Now probablyt as of the last month I have been getting more and more pain in the palm of my left hand right where my insicion was. Im a teacher so Im not sure what woud be causing it I’m right handed.

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Lisa,

    Hand pain is only part of having a true case of Dupuytren’s contracture. More important to the diagnosis is the presence of a hand or palm lump, reduced ability to extend the finger, and a palpable cord that extends from the palm into the involved finger. I suggest you speak to the surgeon who performed your carpal tunnel surgeries for his/her advice at this point, and ask for a review of the outside possibility it could be Dupuytren’s contracture. TRH

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