Does DMSO produce an offensive odor?

DMSO – odor? A veterinarian warned me that DMSO usually produces offensive odor, is this an issue? (I am considering starting with your medium plan)


Since it seems that most people who mention the garlic odor issue related to DMSO are veterinarians, I must assume this is a problem when dealing with animals in a veterinary practice.   I have been doing this work with Dupuytren contracture since 2002 and no one has complained to me about the garlic smell being an actual problem.

Those who mention anything about it refer to a brief garlic taste in the mouth for a few minutes after applying DMSO, but it leaves as quickly as it arises.  

Those who read about this phenomenon assume it is some terrible and socially-violating issue, and from extensive experience it most definitely is not.    TRH

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