Do I need to use the copper peptide or only the vitamin E gel with DMSO for my Dupuytrens?

Do you need to use the copper serum or only the vitamin e gel with the DMSO.  Instructions show using all three, but it did not come with the package. Thanks Marie T


Greetings Marie T,

The Super CP Serum copper peptide solution can be used in combination with the Unique E vitamin E oil and the Dusa Sal DMSO gel.  You do not have to include it in your treatment plan, but you have the option to include it if you want to do more to expand your therapy and push for better results. 

Most people use all three external therapies because it just makes sense to take advantage of the DMSO when it is being applied to use the Super CP Serum along with the vitamin E oil.   

As I have reminded everyone, the larger the plan and the more aggressively your plan is used, the better treatment results tend to be.   So when you ask if you “need” to use the Super CP Serum, the answer really depends on how much you want to do for your recovery.  TRH 

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