What is the concentration of DSMO in your Dupuytrens product ?

Is your DSMO medical grade? What is the concentration of DSMO  in your product ?



The DMSO product we use was created by Stanley Jacobs, MD, the medical researcher who first discovered the medical uses for DMSO in treatment of humans in the late 1950s, and is made for us by his laboratory in Washington state.   So, yes, the DMSO we use is definitely of medical grade for use in treatment of human medical conditions. 

The concentration of the DMSO in our product used to treat Dupuytren’s contracture, called Dusa Sal, is 60%, along with urea, vitamin E, methyl salicylate, natrolsol, propylene glycol and demineralized water.  Mind you, if 100% was the correct concentration of DMSO to help this problem you can assure that Dr. Jacobs could easily have done that, but this is one of those situations where more is not always better.  With this lower concentration of DMSO you will be able to use it longer and more often – and this is what gets you better results.    TRH

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