Would Dupuytren contracture massage be helpful or aggravate the problem?

I am in the very early stages of this problem and want to know about Dupuytren contracture massage.  My problem started 6 months ago and want to try to turn this around sooner than later…. Not sure I can afford or even want to take everything on your plans….so if you could list out the TOP 6 supplements to take, could you let me know…?  Would 6 even be enough?

Do you think massage helps Dupuytrens contracture? Or would it aggravate it?

I have one other question…..lets say I get the most expensive plan as well as the most expensive enzyme you sell…which would be a ton of money to maintain over the months….and I do get positive results…what is to stop it from coming back again like it might after surgery? I want to get to the UNDERLYING cause of this rather than treating the symptoms. I know some say it is genetic but I am wondering about diet etc. It makes no sense to spend thousands on supplements which it could end up costing that for the body to re absorb the tissue, which I believe the body is capable of doing…only to have it come back again…..

Regards, Catherine


Greetings Catherine,

Your thoughtful questions bring up many broad and interesting topics to explore that I believe will not only help you, but others as well.

The first point is that you do not need  to “take everything” found in the DCI plans.  These various plans are well rounded and balanced examples of what a person might need to use to enhance their healing ability against the foreign fibrous tissue of Dupuytren’s contracture.  No one knows what you might need to make this happen, or even if it will happen.  The idea is to do as much, and to take as much of a variety of nutrients, as you think reasonable and appropriate to get the job done.   The problem is that no one knows what you will need to get the job done.  Because of this DCI recommends that you use a broad and diverse array of possible therapies, while monitoring the size, shape, density, surface features and degree of adhesion of the deep and superficial fibrous tissue in your hand plus the range of motion of the involved fingers, to determine the effectiveness of the therapy you are using.

As a second point, there are no top six therapies in terms of those that are most effective because the therapies are not used this way.  They are all used in groups and combinations, and it is never recommended that any one therapy be used by itself as a solo therapy.   Besides, if I could give you a top six list it would not mean that they would necessarily help you.  What works for one person will not necessarily work for the next person in the same way.

Dupuytren contracture massage

Thirdly, Dupuytren contracture massage can be helpful, but extreme caution and care must be followed.  I have seen internet discussions in which people have recommended deep and forceful pushing and gouging of the internal fibrous tissue to “break it up.”  This is a mistake that can lead to aggravation and spreading of of the initial problem.   The best kind of soft tissue work is extremely light and passive manual stretching – so light that while you are doing it you think that it is too light to be effective.  Dupuytren contracture massage must be done with grave caution since it can easily be misused, and you only realize you have overdone it when it is too late

Lastly, you ask about recurrence of Dupuytren contracture after DCI treatment.  Dupuytren recurrence is a constant problem that has plagued surgeons for centuries and even to today.    Please see Dupuytren Surgery and Recurrence of Hand Contracture.   Even so, in almost 12 years of doing this work of helping people to deal with their hand contracture using Alternative Medicine I have never had the occasion of someone coming back who got good results to say that their problem recurred after using the DCI concepts of treatment.  Perhaps there is someone out there who had their DC return, you never know, but no one has told me so.  I suppose it is possible, but I have no knowledge of it.

Even if the DC did recur after DCI style treatment, the consequences would be far different than if the DC did recur after hand surgery.  When a hand is operated on for Dupuytrens, normal healthy tissue is removed along with the diseased tissue.  As a result of that hand surgery the hand is vastly different than it was before surgery; it has been diminished and is less structurally strong; not only are some tissues now missing, many are shortened and altered by the surgeon.   When –not if – Dupuytren contracture recurs after the first hand surgery, the next surgeon will have less tissue to work with for the second hand surgery.  If the second hand surgery is done then the next recurrence will be all the more difficult for the third hand surgery.  For this reason many people find that after the 2nd or 3rd surgery – and sometimes even after the 1st surgery – that no more surgeries can be performed.  These people face the possibility of either allowing the hand to develop full blown contracture or amputation.

All I can tell you is that it makes most sense to me to be as conservative as possible and to try as many non-surgical options as make sense to you before submitting to DC surgery.   I am not against DC hand surgery, just very conservative about its use because of the dire results I encounter on an almost daily basis.

If I can help you in any way please let me know.  TRH

Could your Dupuytrens treatment help my Garrods knuckle pads and Ledderhose disease?

Hello from 44 yr old northern European descent Midwest U.S. male.

I have had Ledderhose on feet for 15+ yrs. Plantar fibroma was surgically removed from left foot 15 yrs ago – returned in <5yrs. Ledderhose also developed in right foot subsequently – not severely restrictive until recent development at right heel. Garrod’s knuckle pads began approx 13yrs ago – is now severe on 8 of 10 knuckles (restricted finger bending / movement of knuckles, with significant pain). Dupuytrens has developed in last 2yrs in right hand (no associated contracture or pain as yet). Also have developed a fibrous mass on left rib area in recent 2-3yrs. I tried Varpamil for 1-2 months with limited results & difficultly of twice / day application per mess and time consumption.

I am interested in suggested aggressive therapy primarily for Garrod’s knuckle pads, secondarily for Ledderhose in feet.


All these localized fibrosis conditions (Ledderhose disease of the feet, Dupuytrens contracture of the hands, and Peyronies disease of the penis) will return after surgery.   Your report that your Ledderhose disease returned in less than five years is about average, with many whose problem returns within a year or two.

It is also not uncommon for surgery on one foot to trigger the start of Ledderhose on the other foot.

Many people who come to this site for Dupuytren’s self-treatment have reported to me that their Ledderhose or Peyronies problems improved at the same time.  I think this is perhaps due to the similar tissue changes that occur in these three problems.

I have no way to know if your application of our Dupuytrens treatment will be of benefit to your particular Garrod’s pads or feet problem.  However, at this point I think you do not have much to lose by at least trying for a short therapeutic trial of perhaps three or four months to learn what benefit might occur.

If you should decide to pursue this line of self-treatment, please send me an email identifying you as the person who is working for Ledderhose and Garrod’s and I will take up a separate conversation with you to offer special insights and experience I have gained over the years.  Good luck.  TRH

Is Neprinol a stand alone treatment for Dupuytrens contracture?

I am doing your 3 topicals – Super CP Serum, Unique-E oil and Dusa Sal DMSO. After 5 minutes, I am using the ultra sound machine on my hand.  Is this correct? There are limited instructions on using the ultrasound and would like to know how many times a day and any other tips that would help.

Also, I am doing many of the supplements (PABA, Omega, Fundamental Sulfur, Unique-E) along with my regular regiment of supplements (I am a nutritionist) also Scar-X.

My question is regarding the enzymes – is Neprinol a stand alone, or would you recommend using Nattokinase and Fibrozym in addition to it. I have been taking Neprinol for a month and have no problem with it, however lumps have not changed.

I am in the very early stages (I hope) -no bending of fingers yet, just 2 small lumps on my palm under ring and large finger and a very thin cord up large finger. I wasn’t seeing much improvement (although maybe I have stopped progression) with just supplements. I have just added the topicals and already can see improvement.

Really want to do everything I can and be aggressive with treatment. I cannot thank you enough for how thorough your website is. I certainly agree with your quality of supplements. Bless you for helping with what so few know how to treat!


Greetings Rhonda,

I am not sure I understand your question about Neprinol being a stand alone treatment.  There are some who say Neprinol can be used by itself to treat Dupuytren contracture (or Peyronie’s disease), but frankly I have not heard from anyone who reports good progress with that kind of treatment approach.  As far as I am concerned, although Neprinol is a very concentrated multiple enzyme therapy it still must be used in combination with several other therapy items to help create the kind of response you hope to create.  TRH

Is it possible for thumb surgery to trigger Dupuytrens contracture?

Is it possible to have a surgery trigger this disease? Just curious. I only have it in one hand and it started a few weeks after CMC thumb surgery. I did have a cast too tight a few times the first weeks. I had NO symptoms before. I am only 53 and female. Not from Europe either. I want to do all I can do to stop this but am just baffled why it came on right after surgery. Does that mean it may not spread to other hand? You programs sound awesome. Thanks


My study of the literature, but more importantly my personal one-on-one discussions with men and women who have Dupuytren’s contracture, shows some frequency of stories similar to what you report.   Shortly after carpal tunnel surgery developing Dupuytren’s contracture.  Shortly after most any type of hand or upper extremity surgery developing Dupuytren’s contracture.  Shortly after moderate to severe hand or upper extremity trauma developing Dupuytren’s contracture.   A study reports that 40% of people who sustain a Colles’ wrist fracture will develop Dupuytrens contracture within three years.   The association of DC developing after even more indirect trauma with some people reporting after moderate to severe lower extremity surgery or trauma.

The typical explanation for this causation of Dupuytren’s contracture is the cascade of tissue hormones and inflammation response in the form of mast cells, lymphocytes and substance P, that develop after any injury (and surgery can easily be seen as a type of local tissue injury), triggering a local response in the hand.

Additionally, besides being concerned about what caused your Dupuytrens contracture you should also be concerned about what you can do to help your body eliminate this foreign tissue from your hand.  If I can help you or answer your questions  in that regard please let me know.   TRH

Should I have hand surgery by a doctor who has done 15 surgeries?

I know I have Dupuytren Contracture. I have had one surgery on my pinky. I am 52 yrs old (female) and live in Hawaii. I have Scandinavian and Irish blood. No one in my family has this. I have new contractures on both hands. Middle finger on right hand. Palm on left hand. I have seen the surgeon 3 times this year to track the bending. It’s at 25% both hands. She says she has only done 15 DC Surgery which scare me. All of her patients have been men over 65. Do you recommend any other options than surgery or the enzyme treatment? I am terrified of another surgery, especially here on the island.



Greetings Norma,

If your surgeon has experience in doing only 15 surgeries for Dupuytren’s contracture, she still might be a brilliant and gifted surgeon. However, 15 surgeries is not many.  I think it would be a mistake to have your hand surgery dictated by the limitation of living on an island if you are able to go to the Mainland where more experienced help is available to you.   You should be treated by the most experienced and gifted surgeon possible.

You should be terrified of the possibility of needing more hand surgery.   Please read about the tendency of Dupuytren’s contracture to return after having surgery.  From my experience in working with DC I find that most people have their first hand surgery thinking it will be their last, or if DC does recur that it will take many years for it to return.  This is often not the case.  I have communicated with hundreds and hundreds of people who have had 3-4 hand surgeries on the same hand in the span of less than 10 years; many people seem to need a second hand surgery for DC after just a year or two.  Some posts you might helpful are Dupuytren surgery recurrence is always an important factor when deciding treatment options and What should father do about rapid Dupuytren recurrence and weakness after hand surgery?

You need to read a bit more of the treatment information available on this website.  Your question implies that you have not taken the time to learn about Alternative Medicine treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture. Please read start natural Dupuytren’s treatment.