What will CAT Scan reveal about my hand problem?

age 75-finger next to thumb started swelling and getting stiff about 6 mos.ago. Sometimes it feels warmer than my other finger. A lump appeared later under the finger about an inch away from the finger,actually right next to the thumb. the lump is about the size of a small cherry, its not real high-went to orthopedic Dr.-he wants a cat scan and surgery to remove. Will the cat scan reveal if this is necessary? Am not willing to have surgery, any new thoughts for me? thanks, Carol


Greetings Carol,

You did not say that your orthopedist diagnosed your hand condition as being Dupuytren’s contracture.

Based on the limited information you present here, I get the impression you might not have Dupuytren’s contracture.   Since I am not certain what your problem might be, I cannot comment or suggest what you might consider doing.  Please confirm you actually have Dupuytren’s contracture and then we can discuss possible options.   TRH

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