Can needle aponeurotomy be done for Peyronie’s disease?

Needle aponeurotomy for the hand is all I see online. I am a Kaiser Permanente subscriber and even at that, I don’t see anywhere online where needle aponeurotomy is performed on a penis…Got any suggestions? Do you know of any Urologist in my medical plan who does needle aponeurotomy for Peyronie?


Martin Carroll, Jr.


Greetings Martin,

Well, you are certainly an adventurous person.

Needle aponeurotomy is a type of surgery done on the palm of the hand to surgically reduce the cords that develop in  Dupuytren’s contracture.   It is surgery performed by inserting a needle under the skin of the palm, and then blindly slashing and tearing at the cords and contracted fascial tissue since the skin is never opened by the surgeon so he/she never actually sees the tissue that is being cut and torn.  The purpose of this procedure is an attempt to weaken and reduce the cords under the skin, so that during the operation the surgeon eventually is able to break or snap the weakened Dupuytren cords.  The recurrence rate for this procedure is fairly high, about a year or two faster than conventional hand surgery.

There are many hand surgeons who are proponents of this technique, and others who are not.  No surgical technique is perfect, and they  all carry risks.   

This same technique of using a large gauge needle to act as a cutting tool is already being done to reduce the Peyronie’s plaque while the actual slashing and tearing of the tissue is not observed during the penis surgery.   This technique of weakening the Peyronie’s plaque with a needle tip is called the Leriche technique for Peyronie’s disease.  When done for Peyronie’s disease it is not called an aponeurotomy since there is no aponeurosis in the shaft of the penis.  To coin a phrase it could be called something like a Needle Tunicotomy, since it is the tunica albuginea of the penis that would be surgically cut  by the needle tip and left in place, but I have never seen that term published anywhere since i just made it up.  To read more about this procedure click on Leriche technique for Peyronie’s surgery

I must wonder why you are interested in exposing yourself to the risks of any surgical procedure four your penis if there are less risky non-invasive Alternative Medicine options that you have not explored?   TRH

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