What is the best therapy to use for Dupuytren treatment?

Dr. Herazy,

I want to ask you, of all the different vitamins, enzymes and things that you use to help get rid of Dupuytren what is the best one to take?


Greetings Helen,

Thank you for the question.   Your question is probably the most common one I receive about Dupuytren treatment.    Many  people would like that  answer, and so would I.

All of the therapy items found on the DCI website that you read about have the potential to be effective against Dupuytren contracture.   You ask a specific question about which specific therapy being able to help Dupuytren the best.   However, that is not the way DCI recommends to treat Dupuytren contracture; it is totally against what we have found to work the best.   The prime idea of successful Dupuytren treatment is not to focus on one particular therapy, even if it is a great one.  Since 2002 DCI has helped men and women get results with Alternative Medicine by using a variety of different therapies in an attempt to create a synergistic effect for maximum therapeutic effect. 

Please go to the DCI website Store Front to see a few examples of some good and balanced therapy plans.  If you do not want to use any of these, you can create a plan of your own.  When you do, keep in mind that the more variety in your plan the greater the synergistic effect that you will have working for your recovery.

Any one of the 10-12 Alternative Medicine therapies found on the DCI website could be a complete treatment (or NONE of them could be a complete treatment) depending on the individual, but it is not likely.  No one knows how a person will respond to any or all of the therapies.  Some people report fair results with just one therapy, but more people report better results when they use multiple therapies.  That is what the whole therapy concept of synergy is all about:  the more you do, the wider the base of your therapy,  the larger your plan, the greater the likelihood of promoting a favorable change in your metabolism and increasing your immune response to reduce the lumps on the palms that bother you.  Re-read that last sentence.  The idea is not to “treat the hand contracture” as a medical doctor would do, but to “treat the person who has the hand contracture” so that his body can heal what is wrong with it.

This is a major concept shift for medically indoctrinated people.  For this reason, as good a single therapy as Neprinol is, or acupuncture, or vitamin E, or any other, I do not recommend that anyone who is interested in getting good results with Dupuytren treatment should use just a single approach or just any one product – but multiple therapies to create synergy.

Those who report the best results with their palm lumps are those who follow the larger treatment plans and use them aggressively and faithfully.   It is most important to approach your problem from as many different directions at the same time as possible. You must read over a good part of the DCI website to understand about the total Alternative Medicine approach to promoting your ability to heal and repair your finger and hand contracture.  I cannot explain in a single response what is covered in detail on the website, so I encourage you to go there for information.   Good DCI pages to read are Introduction to Dupuytren Contracture Treatment and Dupuytren Contracture Treatmtent Philosophy and Dupuytren Contracture Treatment: Winning or Losing

Dupuytren contracture is a tough problem to live with and a difficult problem to treat.   It requires dedication and persistence to overcome it.   I have worked with many people who had their problem for five to ten years or more, and have done quiet well.  It is never easy to overcome, but always worthwhile.

The biggest advantage in ordering your therapy products from DCI is that we provide such a level of service and background of experience working with Dupuytren contracture that you will not find anywhere else.  Each product that is shipped to you that requires additional information to use properly comes with detailed instructions so you will know how to use it correctly.  You cannot expect that kind of vital Dupuytren treatment information anywhere else.

Please stay in touch.  I applaud you for reaching out for help.   You owe it to yourself to please follow through.


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