Best defense against Dupuytren?

Dr.  Herazy,

I have Dupuytrens in my right hand. I’ve had it about 3 years. I have a lump in my palm about 1/2″ wide and 1″ long, and on the little finger my knuckle is growing from both sides. Also in the same finger I have a medium size growth between the knuckle and the palm. I’m guessing this is all early stage. What is my best defense? Maybe I can kill this off? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You


Since you did not mention having any restricted finger movement or flexion contracture of the little finger I would suppose your condition is in the early stage of development.

There is no way to know ahead of time what might be your best treatment approach for Dupuytren contracture.  This is different for each person.  You must attempt to work with a broad range of therapies to support your immune response to the foreign collagen material in the palm of your hand to determine what therapy will get the best response.

Just like the members of a winning baseball team, you cannot say that one is necessarily more important than the others; each one contributes in a unique way to the success of the team.  While the winning pitcher might get a lot of publicity and look like the real star of the team, a good catcher is vitally necessary to make that pitcher look good.   Just as all members of a team contribute in their own way to the success of the team, each therapy you use contributes to support and enhance the effectiveness of your immune response to reduce your Dupuytren contracture.

You must work your plan and learn what works best for you.  It is never a single therapy but always a unique group of therapies that make the difference.  Please read the DCI website to learn how to go about this process.  TRH

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