Any ideas on what I might do to fix my hand that won’t open up completely?

The middle finger on my right hand won’t open up completely. If I try to force it, it hurts terribly. I do not have any lumps on my hand or any sort of swelling. It feels like the tendon is tight and just won’t allow my finger to straighten. There is constant pain, even with a closed fist, and only on my middle finger. Any ideas on what I might do to fix this? I would feel silly going to my doctor for something so little.



You ask for help, but do not give much information to go on to help you.

The limited information you provide, and the fact that you do not mention a lump on your palm or cords in that area suggests that you could have tendonitis of the finger that will not open up. Your description does not sound like you have Dupuytren’s contracture, but I cannot be certain.  I suggest that you go to your family doctor to have it checked out.  This is not a little problem and can get worse unless it is properly attended.

I suggest you use ice on this area, rest it, elevate the hand, and avoid any unnecessary activity with that hand; this should be helpful to you until you get it diagnosed.  TRH

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