Will I need alternative Dupuytren’s treatment the rest of my life?

Will I have to have the alternative treatment the rest of my life?


That is a great question; thank you for asking. 

There are actually a few things to be said about how long a person must use alternative medicine for Dupuytren’s contracture after the hand lumps and cords are gone and the fingers can once again be straightened.

1.   The Dupuytren Contracture Institute has only been using Alternative Medicine since 2002, and has all been limited to non-research type work that relies on voluntary cooperation of people who I have no way to control or verify their treatment technique; each person goes about treating their DC in slightly different ways.  For this reason I do not know when, if and how any treatment is being done – by anyone.   I do not know how far a person takes himself or herself into reversal or recovery from DC when they decide to stop their treatment.   For all these reasons I do not have sufficient knowledge of our hundreds and hundreds of successful cases to judge their recovery or if additional or ongoing treatment is ever needed.

Having said all that, I can definitely tell you that in these many years of working with people from around the world who have been helped with their DC, I have never had one person contact me to say that their DC has come back after it was eliminated the first time.   Please keep in mind what I said above about working with volunteers over whom I have no control for reporting.  I am only told what people chose to tell me.   And at this point no one has told me they have needed to continue taking their Alternative Medicine therapy.    Maybe they have, and maybe they have not.   This is the best and most honest answer I have for you at this time.

2.   When a surgeon operates on someone with Dupuytren’s contracture there is a high probability that the condition will recur over time.  It is said that half of those who receive surgery will have it recur in five years.   Every doctor knows that Dupuytren’s contracture is well known for recurrence after surgery; this is a great problem that is discussed frequently in the medical literature.   If it did happen that Alternative Medicine had to be continued for someone to keep it under control, is that much different than having to be operated on every five years or so?  

Actually, the answer to the question is that Alternative Medicine treatment for Dupuytrens is much different.   The difference is that repeated hand surgery is not a good situation because with each surgery that is done there is less normal healthy tissue that is left behind and more scar tissue that builds up.  After just one, two, three surgeries a person might find that no more surgeries can be done.  These are the people who are left with useless claws for hands, or those who are told that amputation must be done.   The further difference is that if you must have to use Alternative Medicine for the rest of your life to keep the hands in good shape, you avoid this problem.   For this reason we suggest that everyone at least tries our DCI concept for natural health care to see if surgery can be avoided. 

Please let me know if you need help getting started with natural treatment for Dupuytren’s contracture.   TRH

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