Do I need to apply Super CP Serum in my Dupuytrens treatment plan?

I have received my medium pack for Dupuytren’s contracture treatment.  On reading the instructions I find that I need to apply a copper solution (Super CP Serum) which I have not received.

I have the Unique-E vitamin E pump bottle and the Dusa Sal DMSO gel.

Are those two products all I need to put on my hands, or do I also need the Super CP Serum?

Thank you,  Heathervyle

Greetings Heathervyle 

The DCI medium plan does not include the copper solution, Super CP Serum.  The DCI medium plan consists of nine separate items, two of which are topical applications – Dusa Sal DMSO gel and Unique-E vitamin E in a pump bottle. 

There is a third topical therapy product you could use, the Super CP Serum which is a copper peptide solution.  It is a good therapy to use, if you decide to do so. Super CP Serum is not part of the DCI medium plan, and that is why you did not receive it. However, Super CP Serum is part of the DCI large plan.

The DCI concept of treating Dupuytren’s contracture is that this is a very difficult and stubborn problem to treat successfully.  For this reason I advise everyone to be as aggressive and complete as they possibly can for at least 3-4 months to attempt to enable the tissue to heal the fibrous tissue of the hands. My experience is that the average person treating Dupuytrens will take 2-3 months to use one bottle of Super CP Serum.  Since this product costs $23 for a bottle, I judge this to be a rather good value and low cost for almost three months of treatment.   I do not take the position of telling anyone what kind of therapy to use.  And I cannot tell you that you need to use Super CP Serum.  But I will tell you that those people who widely diversify their treatment and use multiple therapies tend to get better results than those whose treatment plans tend toward the small side.  The more you do to treat your Dupuytrens contracture the better the results tend to be. 

If you decide you wish to add the Super CP Serum to your therapy plan you can order it separately.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about your therapy plan as you progress in your treatment.   TRH

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