Could your Dupuytrens treatment help my Garrods knuckle pads and Ledderhose disease?

Hello from 44 yr old northern European descent Midwest U.S. male.

I have had Ledderhose on feet for 15+ yrs. Plantar fibroma was surgically removed from left foot 15 yrs ago – returned in <5yrs. Ledderhose also developed in right foot subsequently – not severely restrictive until recent development at right heel. Garrods knuckle pads began approx 13yrs ago – is now severe on 8 of 10 knuckles (restricted finger bending / movement of knuckles, with significant pain). Dupuytrens has developed in last 2yrs in right hand (no associated contracture or pain as yet). Also have developed a fibrous mass on left rib area in recent 2-3yrs. I tried Varpamil for 1-2 months with limited results & difficultly of twice / day application per mess and time consumption.

I am interested in suggested aggressive therapy primarily for Garrods knuckle pads, secondarily for Ledderhose in feet.


All these localized fibrosis conditions (Ledderhose disease of the feet, Dupuytrens contracture of the hands, and Peyronies disease of the penis) will return after surgery.   Your report that your Ledderhose disease returned in less than five years is about average, with many whose problem returns within a year or two.

It is also not uncommon for surgery on one foot to trigger the start of Ledderhose on the other foot.

Many people who come to this site for Dupuytren’s self-treatment have reported to me that their Ledderhose or Peyronies problems improved at the same time.  I think this is perhaps due to the similar tissue changes that occur in these three problems.

I have no way to know if your application of our Dupuytrens treatment will be of benefit to your particular Garrod’s pads or feet problem.  However, at this point I think you do not have much to lose by at least trying for a short therapeutic trial of perhaps three or four months to learn what benefit might occur.

If you should decide to pursue this line of self-treatment, please send me an email identifying you as the person who is working for Ledderhose and Garrods and I will take up a separate conversation with you to offer special insights and experience I have gained over the years.  Good luck.  TRH

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