Have you ever used therapeutic laser on Dupuytren contracture?

Have you ever used therapeutic laser on this condition?  Have you had success with laser and do you recommend it? I have access to laser treatment and have used it twice on my bumps (2 on the right palm.)  Thank you.



The great majority of therapies DCI recommends that are used together in a Dupuytren treatment plan have been researched with some degree of positive or favorable outcome.  This is not true of cold laser therapy; it has never been researched directly for treatment of Dupuytren contracture.

In the past I have considered conducting a private research program with volunteer members from DCI to test the efficacy of non-penetrating or cold laser therapy on palm lumps and cords, but have refrained due to cost and logistical issues.    If you are interested in participating in such as study please contact me personally and I will investigate this issue for your benefit.    I would be interested to look into such a laser project since I  have had often thought it might hold promise.   TRH


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  1. Blair Jackson says:

    My wife has dupuytren’s contracture and had the typical fillet procedure done on each hand, both hands are permantly crippled because of this procedure. She has golf ball size lumps on her feet, she would rather be in constant pain aas her doctor states the surgery is far worse on feet. I also wonder why laser isn’t used for dupuytren’s contracture as it is in spinal surgery: “Complications of the spine can cause chronic and sometimes debilitating back, leg and neck pain. When it comes to several common disorders of the spine, laser surgery can prove to be a very effective treatment option. Sciatica, arthritis, herniated discs, annual tears, foraminal narrowing, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and scar tissue formation are some spinal conditions that lend itself to successful treatment through laser spine surgery. Local anesthesia and mild sedation is all that is required for spine laser surgery. Since general anesthesia is not used, anesthetic complications are also minimized.” How do we teach the old dogs new tricks to help dupuytren’s contracture? Is it a matter of money?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Blair,

    When Dupuytren’s contracture surgery goes bad it can be a nightmare. Sorry it happened to your wife. Bet the surgeon did not prepare you for the possibility of a bad outcome; they almost never do.

    I have thought the same thing about using laser surgery for Dupuytren’s contracture. I will have to ask a surgeon-friend of mine why it is generally not done. But I do have a theory of my own: Even though spinal surgery is done with lasers, not all of it is done with lasers. I am not positive, but I think that only certain kinds of incisions into certain spinal tissues are made with laser equipment because the work that is done is not “fine” enough like can be done with a scalpel. What I am saying is that even in laser spinal surgery they still might do some of it with a scalpel. This gets back to your question about money. It might be easier to bill the insurance company big bucks for laser surgery compared to conventional scalpel surgery; on top of that it might simply be a marketing strategy to impress people that spinal surgery with lasers – sounds more impressive.

    Hand surgery is special. Those little hands of yours are just crammed with so many nerves and so tightly packed with blood vessels and more nerves in such a small space that hand surgery rivals spinal surgery in complexity and difficulty. To be good enough to be a hand surgeon is a special thing. If I am right about a scalpel being a better tool than a laser for such tightly packed tissue, then that might be the answer. Dupuytren’s contracture surgery can be an absolute bear, and most people walk into it like it is going to easy – and afterward they get the shock of their lives. Better to first use Alt Med to see if the Dupuytren’s contracture can be handled that way so that surgery is not necessary. TRH

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