Am I missing something in my Dupuytren treatment plan ?

I recently ordered your “medium” pack for dupuytrens, however I only received the DMSO and Vita E for use on my fingers. You say in instructions to use the “copper” first, then vit E, then the dmso. Am I missing something? also, it takes hours to absorb into the skin, and no, I do not taste a “garlic” taste in my mouth after applying. I am 62 and have had dupuytrens for about 10 years. I also play piano and it is causing havoc. no longer can reach octaves.

Bill Green


Greetings Bill,

No, you are not missing anything.  The medium plan does not include the Super CP Serum (copper peptide).  You received everything you ordered.

If you please read the instructions you were given you will see that you do not have to wait more than 7-8 minutes to wipe off the residue after applying the DMSO to your hand.   What is see on the surface of your skin is just the oily residue of the DMSO carrier and gel.  Please read the notes you were given.  

Please contact me if you have further questions.  TRH  

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